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  • Meepo Voyager

    So far, the Meepo Hurricane was the only board in the Meepo fleet that wowed the world of e-boarders with a standard belt drive. But that should change with the new Meepo Voyager! What the electric skateboard offers for you and whether it is a successful addition to your skateboard collection, we clarify here in the test on E-Skateboardsgermany! Click here for the manufacturer:*. Click here for the offer on Meepoboards:* The deck With the new Voyager, the manufacturer Meepo is officially going back to the flexible bamboo fiberglass deck. even claims to have put most of their money into developing the deck. In fact, the compound offers a stable base for high speeds without sacrificing the shock-absorbing effect. With 98 cm * 30 cm * 14.5 cm (length/width/depth) the new Voyager offers a slightly larger base than the previous model, the Meepo Shuffle V4S - you can find the test of the board here. Similar to the V4S, the Voyager features light flares to improve maneuverability. In addition, the flares ensure a better stance, which is particularly important when accelerating quickly and braking abruptly. For the Voyager, Meepo chose a dark design with light orange accents. An arrow of the same color at the top of the stack indicates the direction of travel. Overall, the design of the newcomer is reminiscent of the Shuffle models. Tyres In addition to roadworthy 90*60 mm polyurethane tires, Meepo offers a so-called "Cyclone 110s" tire set for sale. The latter is intended to be a link between road tires and off-road tires - a kind of cloud wheel, if you will - whose degree of hardness is no different from normal road tires. The polyurethane tires with a contact area of ​​62mm offer a lot of grip on solid ground, such as asphalt. Individual bumps such as bumps or gravel are absorbed directly by the tires - the rest by the flexible deck above. On the road, this makes for a great package for fast, controlled driving. If you still like softer tires, you can use Cloudwheels from These are offered right away in the Meeposhop, so you can save a few euros on shipping costs. You can find the link to the matching tire sets here.* Meepo offers many different pulleys on the website, which makes most sets of tires on the market compatible. You can find the link to the pulley sets here.* If you are looking for road tires and want to change them later, you can easily order the Cyclone tire set separately. You can find the link to the set of tires here.* The motorization With the Meepo Hurricane and its powerful 7000 watts, the manufacturer Meepo has already set new standards in terms of motorization. And the new Voyager lives up to this character: the newcomer tips the scales at 2800 watts. With a dual belt drive, the Voyager delivers tremendous acceleration, almost on par with the Meepo Hurricane. The top speed is real ~51 km/h (80kg driver). In a direct comparison, the respective hub-driven predecessors - Meepo V4 and Meepo V4S - are no opponents in terms of performance. The high degree of motorization also makes it easier to drive on inclines, according to the manufacturer Meepo even up to an incline of 46%. For comparison: An average e-board overcomes a maximum gradient of 25%-30% - and mostly only on paper. In our test, we were able to confirm that the Voyager, like the Hurricane, is a real mountaineer. Gradients of 20% have to be climbed almost at full speed, steeper slopes have to be found first. At high speeds, the brakes are even more important. Hard-acting brakes are typical of belt-driven e-boards, and the Voyager is no different here either. Thanks to four different braking levels, both the braking power and the acceleration process can be individually adjusted. More about this on the subject of ESC. Battery The Meepo Voyager is available in two versions: Voyager X with a 12s3p 518Wh battery and a range of 38-58 km and Voyager S with a 12s2p 346Wh battery and a standard range of 29-40 km. Both versions use Samsung 40T batteries. The big advantage of the 40T Samsung batteries is the gradual reduction in charge without a premature drop in performance. In other words: With 80% state of charge, the Voyager has just as much acceleration and power as with 20%. This is by no means the rule - most boards lose their ability to accelerate strongly or climb slopes at the latest at 30% charge level. The ESC Meepo also remains true to its LY-FOC control with the new Voyager: The latest version of the LYFOC 55B is said to enable dynamic driving and controllable acceleration - without a significant surcharge. In fact, the same type of ESC was used in the Meepo Hurricane, so it doesn't pose new challenges for experienced drivers. Accelerating, decelerating and braking is both intuitive and responsive. The controls are very responsive and do exactly what the user asks the board to do. This is particularly important given the high speeds that the Voyager puts at the driver's disposal. Particularly interesting for beginners: The ESC has four different driver profiles for adjusting acceleration and top speed. The driving modes limit the maximum speed as follows: Driving mode 1: maximum speed 10 km/h Driving mode 2: maximum speed 19 km/h Driving mode 3: maximum speed 40 km/h Driving mode 4: maximum speed 52 km/h In addition, the LY-FOC has great features such as an intelligent automatic on/off switch, which means that the board switches on automatically when you step on it. This saves you the hassle of bending over to the power button. The conclusion For the price of a mid-range board, the Meepo Voyager is an absolute no-brainer. It's the alternative for riders looking for a sleek, flexible bamboo board that performs great without sacrificing the power of a belt drive. The conclusion For the price of a mid-range board, the Meepo Voyager is an absolute no-brainer. It's the alternative for riders looking for a sleek, flexible bamboo board that performs great without sacrificing the power of a belt drive.

  • WowGo Mini 2

    After a long time it's that time again: Let's look at an e-shortboard together! The WowGo Mini 2 aims to combine everyday fun and purpose in a compact skateboard - and at a low price. But can the new WowGo flagship defeat the competition around the Exway Wave, the Teamgee H20 Mini or the BKB board? We'll find out in the review on E-Skateboardsgermany! Click here for the manufacturer:* With the code "germany" you save 5€ on your purchase! The deck Small but nice! With a wheelbase of 52cm, the WowGo Mini 2 clearly belongs to the class of shortboards. And that has several advantages: the board is easy to carry, quickly disappears into the backpack and is unpacked just as quickly. Basically, the board is perfectly designed for the routine route, e.g. for the way to work, to school, to get from A to B on campus... So the fields of application are incredibly large. Like most shortboards, the Mini 2 is as rigid as it is inflexible. Eight-ply maple creates a stable base, which is all the more important with so little cross-sectional area. The deck is curved, the so-called flairs on the edges improve maneuverability and the turning circle. The Mini 2 has a small kicktail at the lower end, which should appeal to the experts among us. U-turns become child's play, even tricks are conceivable - as long as you pay attention to the sensitive electronics. To prevent damage and wear and tear on the deck, WowGo installs the brake pad on the underside as standard. Although it increases the weight, it prevents unsightly scratches. How does the deck feel when riding? Well, the deck is slightly curved, so that there is more surface area. Maneuverability is also increased with raised edges. This results in great handling, suitable for sharp turns and nimble steering. The tires Here WowGo gives you the choice: on the one hand there are the 90mm polyurethane road tires, on the other hand the 105mm Cloudwheels. Anyone who chooses tires from can look forward to pleasantly soft, shock-absorbing skateboard wheels. Vibrations from the road are absorbed as far as possible, so that the legs do not tire too quickly. Unfortunately, this is missing with the 90mm tires, but they are a bit cheaper. If the worst comes to the worst, the WowGo Mini 2 can also be retrofitted, e.g. 105mm cloud wheel donuts for the road tires are conceivable. WowGo offers them in its own shop, you can find the link here.* The motorization With two 680 watt hub motors, the Mini 2 achieves a total of 1360 watts of power. This puts the new WowGo sled ahead of Teamgee's H20 Mini and EnSkate's R3. Only the BKB shortboard with 3000W is ahead of the WowGo Mini 2, the review of the board can be found here.* That means: You get a lot of performance for the small price. Die Motorisierung Mit zwei 680Watt-Nabenmotoren kommt das Mini 2 auf insgesamt 1360W Leistung. Damit liegt der neue WowGo-Schlitten vor dem H20 Mini von Teamgee und dem R3 von EnSkate. Einzig das BKB-Shortboard liegt mit 3000W noch vor dem WowGo Mini 2, das Review zum Board finden Sie hier.* Das bedeutet: Mit dem kleinen Preis bekommen Sie recht viel Leistung. The realistic maximum speed is around 40 km/h, but this can vary depending on the track conditions and the weight of the driver. For better understanding: on a shortboard this is more than enough! Due to the smaller wheelbase, stability is more difficult to maintain, so driving errors are punished accordingly quickly. If you then drive 40 km/h, you accept serious injuries. Therefore wear at least one helmet, more about that here. Typically, hub motors are not true climbers. Although the Mini 2 is designed for inclines of up to 30%, the board loses about half of its maximum speed on an incline of 9%. For hilly terrain you might want to consider a different board. The battery Here, WowGo relies on a 10s2p battery with 187.2Wh. 25km should be achieved with it, in our test with a 61kg rider it was about 23km. Heavier riders should therefore lower their expectations a bit, but these are still good performance data for such a small board - and for the price. Unfortunately, quick replacement of an empty battery is not possible, the battery and housing are attached with 10 screws, all of which would have to be removed first. Nevertheless, the battery is available for purchase separately. You can find the link to the correct replacement battery here.* If the power runs out on the road trip, you should also take the appropriate tools with you in addition to the battery. The ESC With the electronic control unit from Hobbywing, WowGo relies on a classic. The Mini 2's power delivery is buttery smooth, acceleration and braking are predictable and reliable. In addition, various driving modes are offered, with which the power output can be further personalized. The ESC, together with the battery, is housed in a large plastic housing. In addition to the power button, there is also a charging indicator on the housing for reading the battery level. The remote control The remote control remains the same as the 2S Max, it comes with a small screen to read the ride data, the multifunction knob and the rotary wheel to control the power delivery. Plain and simple, with exactly the features an electric skater needs to ride. Unfortunately, despite the few changes, the old WowGo remote controls are not compatible with the new Mini 2, so a new one has to be ordered if lost or defective. You can find the link to the correct remote control here.* The conclusion The small tension factor in everyday life: the daily way to the bakery, to school and to the office has never been so fun. The Mini 2 is designed for maximum flexibility and complements the WowGo fleet with a practical shortboard. And even with a fairly low price, it takes on the high-end shortboards like an Exway Wave. With the code "germany" you save 5€ on your purchase!

  • Secret tips for beginners: the best electric skateboards for starters!

    As a beginner, choosing the right electric skateboard is of great importance to get a good start in this exciting hobby. There are many different models on the market that vary greatly in their features and prices. In this blog post we will discuss the most important characteristics of a beginner electric skateboard and share our top tip to help you decide. Introduction The different types of beginner electric skateboards What to look for when choosing the best beginner electric skateboard Our insider tips for beginners: The best electric skateboards Advantages and disadvantages of beginner electric skateboards Conclusion I. Introduction As a beginner, choosing the right electric skateboard is of great importance to get a good start in this exciting hobby. There are many different models on the market that vary greatly in their features and prices. In this blog post we will discuss the most important characteristics of a beginner electric skateboard and share our top tip to help you decide. A good beginner electric skateboard will help you get used to electric skateboarding quickly and gain the confidence to ride the streets and trails. It will also ensure you have a good time and enjoy your new electric longboard or shortboard. What are the most important characteristics of a beginner electric skateboard? weight and height engine and battery deck and trucks wheel size and material braking and speed By considering these important qualities, you can ensure that you find the best beginner electric skateboard for your needs. In our next few sections we will cover the different types of beginner e-skateboards and what to look for when choosing the best beginner e-board. II. The different types of beginner electric skateboards Beginner electric skateboards come in a variety of styles. In this section we will introduce the different types of beginner boards and explain their advantages and disadvantages. A. Shortboards Shortboards tend to be cheaper than other types of electric skateboards. However, they are not necessarily recommended for beginners, as the small contact surface makes it difficult to maintain balance. If you choose a shortboard as a beginner, you should make sure that it has sufficient width and a stable deck. B. Longboards Longboards have a wider platform compared to shortboards, which allows for a more stable and enjoyable riding experience. Since they have a larger contact surface, you can learn to keep your balance better. Longboards are usually a little more expensive than shortboards, but they are recommended as a beginner's board as long as the price is reasonable. C. Penny Boards Penny boards are extra cheap electric skateboards that often cost less than $400. They are usually available as shortboards, but there are also penny boards in longboard format. If you choose a penny board as a beginner, you should make sure that the quality does not suffer because of the low price. We have already published a post about Penny Boards on E-Skateboardsgermany. By choosing the right type of electric skateboard as a beginner, you can have a better riding experience from the start and progress faster. III. What to look for when choosing the best beginner electric skateboard There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for the best beginner electric skateboard. Here are some things to look out for: weight and height The weight and size of a beginner electric skateboard are important factors when choosing the right board. A good beginner board should be large enough to provide a stable footing, making it easier for the beginner to balance. However, a lighter board can provide better maneuverability. In our blog we have already written a post about the difference between longboard and shortboard, which can help when choosing a beginner electric skateboard. engine and battery Motorization is one of the most important things on a beginner board. The engine should be powerful enough for your needs and controllable. It is important that the beginner is supported in learning to drive. A built-in beginner mode in ESC, which limits power and top speed, can help the beginner learn to drive. In our reviews we will touch on the presence of such a mode. deck and trucks The deck and trucks of the beginner electric skateboard are also important factors when choosing. There is a distinction between flexible or rigid decks. A flexible deck is better for beginners as it absorbs shock and makes riding more comfortable. The trucks are less important as they can be tightened or loosened as you like. wheel size and material Most beginner boards only come with polyurethane road tires for cost reasons. However, Cloudwheels can be even better as they can provide additional shock absorption. Nevertheless, road tires are good for learning because they offer great grip thanks to their large contact area. Off-road tires are not necessary for beginners, as they are usually only used on the road at first. brakes Brakes are always important, even for the beginner. It is important to offer the beginner the opportunity to slow down in a controlled manner and easily. Various driving modes can limit the braking strength and thus make braking easier for beginners. In our reviews we touch on the presence of brakes and driving modes. IV. Our insider tips for beginners: The best electric skateboards Beginners looking for the perfect electric skateboard may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer. Therefore, we have put together some of our insider tips that we can recommend after extensive tests and research. Teamgee H20 Mini The Teamgee H20 Mini is a shortboard with a power of 900W and a range of 26km. Priced at $399.00, it offers excellent value for money. The board is lightweight and easy to transport, making it a great choice for commuters. Meepo Shuffle V4S The Meepo Shuffle V4S is a longboard with a power of 1080W and a range of 24km. Priced at €399, it is also very affordable. The board offers relatively good performance and long range for the price range, making it a great choice for longer rides. Possway T3 The Possway T3 is another longboard with a power of 1000W and a range of 24km. It offers high performance and good range at an affordable price. The built-in ESC offers a smooth ride, making it a great choice for both beginner and intermediate riders. V. Advantages and disadvantages of beginner electric skateboards Electric skateboards are a great way to get into the world of electric skateboarding. As a beginner they offer many advantages, such as a lower price compared to intermediate boards and a lower motorization that allows better control. However, there are also some disadvantages that should be considered. It is important to be careful that the quality and material the board is made of is not downplayed too much by the low price, as this can cause the board to break quickly or stop working properly. That's why it pays to read our reviews and listen to experienced skateboarders who have previous experience with electric skateboards in order to make an informed decision. Overall, beginner electric skateboards are a great way to get started in the world of electric skateboarding. However, it is important to be aware that they are not suitable for every rider and once you have mastered the basics of riding, it may be worth investing in a more advanced board. VI. Conclusion Summary of the main points In summary, a penny board is a great choice for beginners looking to break into the world of skateboarding. It's important to consider factors like weight and size, motor and battery, deck and trucks, wheel size and material, and brakes when choosing the best beginner electric skateboard. Another important aspect is considering the pros and cons of beginner electric skateboards. Recommendation for the best beginner electric skateboard Our pick for the best beginner electric skateboard is the Teamgee H20 Mini beginner electric skateboard. It ticks all the boxes for a good beginner e-skateboard while still offering excellent value for money. In our reviews we go into detail about any beginner electric skateboard and why we think they are the best choice for beginners. Tips for safe handling of the e-skateboard Safety is of the utmost importance when handling an electric skateboard. Here are some important tips for safe handling: Always wear a helmet and protective clothing. Practice on a level surface first before riding on rough terrain. Use beginner mode to make the electric skateboard more controllable. Always keep an eye on the battery level and avoid driving with a low battery. Be careful and alert in traffic and avoid driving in crowded areas. By taking these tips into account and choosing a quality beginner electric skateboard, you can enter the world of electric skateboarding safely and with a lot of fun.

  • WowGo AT2

    If you're looking for a real off-roader, you've come to the right place: The WowGo AT2* is a real all-purpose master. sand, gravel, mud and grass; the AT2 takes you to your destination. Whether it's worth buying and how the board performs in the test: here in the review on E-Skateboardsgermany. Current prices, offers on* The Deck The black, elongated deck of the WowGo AT2s* is a real sight: It is a 96.5cm long combination of fiberglass, bamboo and maple, each element brings its specific advantages: The board is just flexible enough to handle bumps and bumps To cushion potholes, and at the same time rigid enough to ensure a certain driving stability when driving fast. The glass fibers in the board prevent the board from breaking under enormous loads. The deck is curved to the maximum contact surface of the feet, you have an almost rock solid stand. This is also necessary if the board is to be ridden on unstable ground. Also, it's a drop-through deck, meaning nothing more than a center-sinking deck. This lowers the center of gravity and improves cornering. Our congratulations to WowGo, the deck is flawless. Especially with regard to the different tire options, the deck is ideal for all kinds of eventualities and surfaces. The tires WowGo offers you two purchasing options: the 175mm diameter pneumatic tires, or the 120mm cloudwheel tires. Thanks to the belt drive (more on this later), any tire variant can be selected, e.g. B. 80mm Orangatang wheels, any tires from iCloudwheels* etc. This also allows extensive personalization. Regarding the tires offered by WowGo: the pneumatic tires are made for gravel/mud/sand. The large diameter makes it possible to climb edges, drive over large stones and potholes are no problem up to a certain speed. Compared to the tire, the Cloudwheels are more of a street version. On asphalt, the vibrations are almost absorbed, the driving experience is great. You can also make progress on grass and gravel, but of course the pneumatic tires are better suited there. The motorization WowGo doesn't do things by halves with the AT2: The board comes with 6368 1500W belt-driven eMotors. In terms of performance, this motor type is even better than the Evolve GTR Series. The motor brings the board and rider to a strong ~40km/h, light riders can definitely do more. Such speed on off-road tires is remarkable, the sheer power of the board amazes. The 1500Wh accelerate incredibly fast, especially on loose ground great drifts and burnouts can be performed. But the power output is also pleasant and constant on the road, there are no drops in performance. The braking power of the motors is above average, even at 30km/h the braking distance is no more than 10-15m. This is important on the road, but also when driving off-road on uneven ground. The battery Even a 1500Wh drive is nothing without a good battery. And that's exactly what the AT2 has: WowGo supplies a 10S4P 14Ah Sanyo battery with a charging time of 3 to 4 hours. The battery runs alongside the board, yet the deck remains flexible thanks to notches in the battery. According to the manufacturer, the maximum range is around 35km, but you would have to drive very lightly, very slowly and, above all, very efficiently. Realistic are 22-26 km, correspondingly less when driving off-road. The battery is protected by particularly strong plastic on the underside of the board. This prevents scratches and damage to the memory. Conclusion The WowGo AT2* is a real monster, grass and gravel its hunting ground. The board is a real eye-catcher with its dark, minimalist look, the motorization and the driving position make it the king off the road. To pick up the introductory sentence again: If you are looking for a real off-roader, you have come to the right place. If you mostly drive off-road, you get real value for money here. However, for riders who mostly have asphalt under their wheels, the board might cost too much. Of course, the AT2 can master all types of ground very well, but there are boards that are much more specialized on paved surfaces, so they are perfectly adequate for the everyday rider and cost even less. As a buyer, you have to decide: Where do I usually drive, what is more worthwhile. Either way, whoever orders the WowGo AT2* can look forward to plenty of power and off-road action. With the code "germany" you save 5€ on your purchase!

  • Meepo Mini 2S

    When it comes to electric skateboards, Meepo is an established manufacturer known for high quality and reliable products. The Meepo Mini 2S is one of the smaller electric skateboards from Meepo, which is a major player in the electric skateboard world. In this review we will take a closer look at the Meepo Mini 2S and find out what it has to offer. Introduction Deck Wheels Engine battery ESC Conclusion I. Introduction When it comes to electric skateboards, Meepo is an established manufacturer known for high quality and reliable products. The Meepo Mini 2S is one of the smaller electric skateboards from Meepo, which is a major player in the electric skateboard world. In this review we will take a closer look at the Meepo Mini 2S and find out what it has to offer. Why choose the Meepo Mini 2S? The Meepo Mini 2S is a silent electric skateboard perfect for urban spaces. It's lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for your daily commute. In addition, it offers a balanced mix of speed, range and control, making it a great board for both beginners and intermediates. What is still to be discovered, we will now clarify in our review. II. Deck The deck of the Meepo Mini 2S consists of 8 layers of Canadian maple and is 30 inches (76.2 cm) long and 9 inches (22.86 cm) wide. It is very stiff and prevents any sagging. It's rather small compared to most electric longboards, but this allows for better maneuverability and a smaller turning circle - especially beneficial in urban terrain. However, you also feel more vibrations because the stiff deck completely absorbs the unevenness of the floor. Due to its size, the Mini 2S is particularly suitable for children - for adults, the small area of ​​the deck can be uncomfortable in the long run. The shape of the deck is shaped similar to a bowl, which offers improved control and a firmer footing. Such a shape is particularly advantageous on shorter decks, as it allows for a good footing and a better driving experience despite the limited space. The board is also very easy to steer and manoeuvre. The design of the Meepo Mini 2S is kept simple and minimalist. Only the Meepo logo and the directional arrow can be seen on the top of the deck. Accessories such as LED lighting or handles are not available as standard, but can be retrofitted as an option. If you regularly ride your e-skateboard in the dark, attaching shred lights* can be a great accessory to increase safety on your ride. With their easy installation, they are a valuable investment that not only provides additional visibility in low light conditions, but also during the day. They also give your board a stylish look. Overall, the deck of the Meepo Mini 2S offers a good combination of stiffness, control and maneuverability. However, the vibrations can be a little uncomfortable over long distances. III. Wheels The Meepo Mini 2S comes standard with 90mm 78A polyurethane road wheels that are roadworthy and offer average grip. These wheels are designed for urban terrain and should not be used for off-road riding. However, there is also an option to swap out the wheels: the board is compatible with Meepo's new 105mm Donut Cloudwheels*, which offer slightly better vibration dampening. With these wheels you can also cope with larger bumps and cracks in the ground, which makes driving much more comfortable. IV. Engine The Meepo Mini 2S features a dual 540W hub motor. Unlike belt drives, hub drives are integrated into the wheels and are therefore better protected against dirt and debris - which means they also require less maintenance. Acceleration on the Mini 2S is strong and be prepared for the board to have plenty of power when accelerating. Experience has shown that electric skateboards with hub drives are a bit weaker, but you can easily fall if you are not careful. The manufacturer specifies a maximum speed of 46 kilometers per hour. We were able to confirm this in the test, so it is indeed a very fast board. However, in most cases you will slow down to ensure you remain in control at all times. Compared to other shortboards, the Meepo Mini 2S is one of the strongest - for classification: it's slightly weaker than the WowGo Mini 2, but slightly stronger than the Teamgee H20 Mini. However, it is important to note that this is just a comparison and the Mini 2S excels in many other aspects. V battery The Meepo Mini 2S electric skateboard comes with a Samsung 40T battery configured in a 10s2p setup. This battery has a capacity of 8AH and 288Wh. The same battery is also used in the new NLS Pro model. A typical 4.0Ah 144Wh set-up is used for the base model of the Mini 2S. The range of the base Mini 2S model is 17km, which is suitable for short trips in the area. The realistic range for a 70kg driver is about 15km. If you're willing to shell out $170 more, you can upgrade to the ER version, which the manufacturer says offers a range of up to 20 miles. Here, too, a range of 32km is realistic for a 70kg driver. VI. ESC and remote control The ESC (Electronic Speed ​​Controller) and remote controller are crucial to control the electric skateboard. The ESC of the Meepo Mini 2S is manufactured by Hobbywing and is called LY-FOC 1.0 ESC. Manufacturer and special properties Hobbywing is a well-known manufacturer of ESCs and is often used in the RC model building scene, but also by many electric skateboard manufacturers such as Meepo. The new LY-FOC 1.0 ESC offers a smooth and precise driving behavior, the acceleration and braking curve is very smooth, enabling a comfortable driving experience. The Mini 2S has three different driving modes that can be selected via the remote control - Beginner mode for beginners, Standard mode and Advanced mode for experienced drivers. The ESC also has some useful extra features. For example, there is a reverse gear that makes maneuvering in tight spaces easier. Remote control The remote control is the new NR Remote,* which has a completely different design than the previous model. It is shaped like a boomerang and is therefore a bit strange in the hand at first. The remote control can be paired with all Hobbywing ESCs and has a flashlight that makes driving at night easier. The twist grip throttle is large, springy and comfortable to use. One disadvantage, however, is that the remote control does not fit into your pocket as easily as you are used to from conventional remote controls. Insgesamt ist das ESC des Meepo Mini 2S sehr benutzerfreundlich und bietet einige nützliche Overall, the Meepo Mini 2S ESC is very user-friendly and offers some useful extra features. The remote control is well designed and makes it easy to control the skateboard. VII. Conclusion The Meepo Mini 2S is a small and manoeuvrable electric skateboard that is particularly easy to ride in urban areas. It offers a good combination of stiffness, control and maneuverability, but the vibrations can be a little uncomfortable over long distances. The unique selling point is clearly the strong motorization, which seems almost unusual for a hub drive. The wheels are street-ready, but there's an option to swap them out for Meepo's new 105mm Donut Cloudwheels, which offer better vibration dampening and make riding on uneven surfaces more comfortable. The Meepo Mini 2S features a dual 540W hub motor that offers strong acceleration but also requires some caution. The maximum speed is 46 km/h, but most drivers will slow down to stay in control. Die mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Links sind Affiliate-Links. Wenn Sie auf einen solchen Link klicken und auf der Zielseite etwas kaufen, bekommen wir vom betreffenden Anbieter oder Online-Shop eine Vermittlerprovision. Es entstehen für Sie keine Nachteile beim Kauf oder Preis.

  • Meepo Hurricane

    In 2022, the Chinese manufacturer Meepo will launch a whole range of new boards. While the Shuffle S (V4S) and the Meepo Mini 2S are more of an improvement on their predecessors, the Meepo Hurricane is a completely new board that Meepo wants to use to pave the way into off-road terrain. Whether this step succeeds and for whom the new Meepo speedster is best suited, we clarify here on! Click here for the manufacturer:* The board on sale:* The deck "Built like a tank" advertises Meepo on their official website, which means something like: Thanks to the built-in T700 carbon fiber, this deck is so hard that even a car could drive over it. Unfortunately, we didn't test this, but we can assure you that under no driving conditions will the deck ever flex. The carbon fibers make the board hard as a rock - this mainly protects the battery and the ESC from damage. The shape of the deck is reminiscent of an eight, in the middle it loses area to save weight, but it becomes wider again at the two ends for more floor space. A drop-down design was also chosen: the deck lowers between the axles to keep the center of gravity as close to the ground as possible. This improves both driving stability and cornering. Together with the curved cross-sectional area, a really great riding experience is created, but the firm footing on the board is particularly noteworthy: you feel like you are screwed to your feet, which is extremely valuable for confidence in the board. Especially when off-roading, you don't need to worry about the status and can concentrate fully on the route. In general, the board features a stripe-like design with a distinctive Meepo logo in the middle. The carbon fibers are put on display openly and give the Hurricane a sporty touch. A nice feature: when you buy it, you can laser engrave your favorite number on the board for a small surcharge. You can find the link to laser engraving here.* If you regularly ride your e-skateboard in the dark, attaching shred lights* can be a great accessory to increase safety on your ride. With their easy mounting on the deck, they are a valuable investment that not only provides additional visibility in low light conditions, but also during the day. They also give your board a stylish look. The tires A sporty off-roader also needs a set of sporty off-road tires. Meepo supplies these in-house in the form of four 155*50mm all-terrain tires, alternatively there are also roadworthy 90*62mm tires available. If you opt for the road version of the Meepo Hurricane, you should be prepared for a bumpy ride: the stiff carbon fiber deck gives you no mercy when it comes to shock absorption, the tires alone can absorb any bumps and bumps, and with rather harder road tires there are not much travel. What is clear, however, is that the Hurricane in this combination can hardly be surpassed when it comes to sportiness. Cornering is ideal on the asphalt, the grip is fantastic. However, potholes and cobblestones can turn out to be the final opponents. Especially in connection with the drop-down deck, the small tires quickly cause one or the other bounce, which can quickly endanger driving safety in addition to unsightly scratches. The all-terrain tires are much more grateful: with a 155mm diameter, light pavement and medium unevenness in the ground are child's play. Unpaved surfaces such as grass, sand, forest soil, etc. can also be driven on with it. With regard to the design of the Meepo Hurricane, we therefore recommend AT tires rather than road tires. Thanks to standardized axle dimensions, the board is compatible with most tire sets, so that changing them later is also possible. The motorization Is there such a thing as too much power? The manufacturer Meepo is obviously testing exactly that with their new board, because: with an insane maximum output of 7000 watts, the Hurricane is currently pretty much the strongest board on the market. This power is achieved with dual, belt-driven electric motors. The insane performance is followed by the equally unbelievable top speed: the Hurricane covers a top speed of 56 km/h. Even if we reached 56 km/h in our test, we would by no means recommend driving at these speeds. Even if the new Meepo board was designed perfectly for this kind of speed, at a speed of over 50km/h even the smallest of all mistakes leads in the worst case to big injuries. It is therefore essential to wear protective clothing! As is well known, strength is nothing without the control that goes with it. After all, the 7000 watts have to be handled somehow. With the Exway Atlas 4WD, the solution was to distribute the total of 4800 watts of power to all wheels using an all-wheel drive. However, a corresponding solution is missing with the Hurricane, only the rear axle is motorized. Therefore, restraint is called for, especially when accelerating, otherwise wheelspin will result. With the necessary practice, however, the 7000 watts can also be controlled, and thus unimagined acceleration values ​​can be achieved. Another advantage of the high motorization is the ability to climb steep slopes. The manufacturer Meepo writes on the website that the board can climb gradients of up to 46%. For comparison: an average e-board covers a maximum incline of 25%-30%. In our test, we were able to confirm that the Hurricane is a real climber. Gradients of up to 35% can be climbed at almost full speed, steeper slopes have to be found first. So if you live in hilly terrain, the Meepo Hurricane can be a good addition to your fleet. At high speeds, the brakes are all the more important. Typical for belt-driven e-boards are hard-gripping brakes, and the Hurricane makes no difference here either. Thanks to four different braking levels, the braking power can also be adjusted completely individually, which is particularly beneficial for beginners. More about this on the subject of ESC. The battery A 12S4P Molicel P42A battery with 725.8Wh is installed in the Meepo Hurricane, which should ensure a range of up to 50km with AT tires and up to 70km with street tires. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve these values ​​in our test. With a 72kg driver, we achieved a distance of approx. 38km on AT tires on a realistic ride (consisting of unpaved ground, asphalted sections of road and moderate inclines). The big difference is probably in the way Meepo tested the board for range. The manufacturers usually ride their boards under optimal conditions to determine the maximum distance. Under real circumstances, this distance that can be covered decreases accordingly. Nevertheless, >35km in off-road conditions is an above-average range that deserves to be appreciated. The battery itself can be replaced, but a total of 18 (!) screws have to be removed to do this. So don't expect to be able to quickly change the battery after driving 35 kilometers and then continue driving. In addition, the battery is unfortunately not - yet - in the Meepo shop. At around 3 hours, the charging time is far less than that of the competition, mainly thanks to the new 50.4V 6.5A charger. Unfortunately, the 8A fast charger of the new Meepo Shuffle V4 is not compatible. The ESC Meepoboards has been working with the Electronic Speed ​​Controls from LingYi for a long time instead of the well-known Hobbywing ESCs, which are used e.g. by Exway or WowGo. And the new LY-FOC 70B is an excellent choice! Both acceleration and deceleration are equally intuitive and balanced. The control is responsive and does exactly what the user asks the board to do. This is particularly important at high speeds and when driving off-road. In addition, the ESC comes with great features such as an intelligent automatic on/off function, which switches the board on automatically when you step on it. This saves you the hassle of bending over to the power button. The ESC also provides four different braking strengths, which can be switched while driving. In addition to the different braking strengths, different driving profiles are also available, which limit the power output. Similar to a beginner mode, mode 1 lowers the power output to a minimum, ideal for cruising or for beginners. The complete opposite is driving mode 4, which provides the full 7000 watts. All in all, Meepo with the LingYi ESC is a great competitor to the Hobbywing ESC. Both controls are similarly strong in their properties, but the LY-FOC 70B is clearly tailored to the Hurricane and promotes fast driving on paved paths. The remote control Meepo dared far less when it came to the remote control: It is the same remote as the Meepo Shuffle S and its predecessor. The Meepo M4S remote control is small, handy and comes with a comparatively large display for reading the driving data. Meepo briefly describes how the remote control works on their website. You can find the link here.* The advantage of an old remote control is that almost all old Meepoboards are compatible. So should the new M4S remote get damaged in the fall, all the others will work just as well as the new one. Nevertheless, a few innovations would have been welcome, especially since the Hurricane is also a completely new off-road series. The conclusion The new Meepo Hurricane is many things: an off-roader, a racer, a power cannon, but definitely not a bargain: the price for the new addition to the Meepo fleet is well over €1000. Accordingly, the question arises: Is the board worth it for such a price? The answer is up to you. The Hurricane sets new standards in many respects: in the incredible power output, in the material processing, in the range, in the top speed. But after all, not everyone always needs the best of the best. And here's the core: The board is perfect for the adrenaline and speed junkie looking for a new adventure. For the cruisers among us it might be too much. Either way, Meepo is once again turning the e-skate world upside down with his board.

  • Exway Atlas

    The Exway Atlas* is Exway's third electric skateboard and one thing is for sure: With this board, Exway is clearly taking their range to a new level. An off-road skateboard with unbelievably powerful motors, a new deck with a modular system and above-average electronics. But how does the board perform in the test? The answers are available at E-Skateboardsgermany, your e-skate club! With the code: "" you save 15$ on your entire shopping cart! Simply check out, enter the discount code at checkout and save money! the deck The board is a deck made entirely of carbon fiber. That's right, no maple, no fiberglass, just pure carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is widely used in racing because it combines extreme hardness with low weight. So you can proudly say that you are driving a small racing car. However, this also means that you do not need to expect any flexibility from the deck. But what about uneven ground, potholes and curbs? Are the forces immediately passed on to the driver? No, because even if the deck is stiff, the Atlas has some shock absorbers to offer. On the one hand, the grip tape also acts as a shock absorber, impacts are almost absorbed. In addition, the deck is 100.4 cm * 31.2 cm in size, so there is a huge contact surface to distribute forces well. In addition, Exway's pneumatic tires absorb far more bumps and shocks than the all-round tires from the competition. Overall, the deck offers an incredibly comfortable ride. Fast rides are supported by the incredibly stiff deck, off-road rides by the wide stance and the flexible chassis. Die Bereifung The tires Here Exway offers a brutal number of options: Cloudwheels, Streetwheels and off-road tires are compatible, all offered by Exway in-house. Of course, tires from ICloudwheels* are also compatible, but please note that the Atlas is purely belt-driven. As already mentioned, the 175mm tires* are extremely shock-absorbing and make driving z. B. on the forest floor is child's play. We feel that the board was developed for this type of tire, so we recommend the AT tires the most. Equally compatible are road tires from Exway. Due to its construction, the Atlas is already a racing car, so to speak, with the right road tires it literally eats up the road. The 90mm street tires* are the perfect rubber for fast corners and high speeds, so that one or the other speed record can be broken. If you are looking for a compromise between road and terrain, you will find it at Cloudwheels. Exway offers their 120mm Cloudwheels*, the comfort on road and light terrain like gravel is unattainable with road tires. Bumps and bumps are absorbed before they even reach the rider. The Cloudwheels are beautifully matched to the axles, giving the rider both responsiveness and controllability. Whichever type of tire you choose, you can always change it later. Also note that depending on the type, the maximum range will be affected. The battery A 12S4P 518Wh battery is supplied as the battery. It runs alongside the bottom of the board and, along with the built-in carbon fiber, is the reason why the deck is so rock solid. The battery is not offered on Exway, so unfortunately it is not possible to change it. As already described, the tires affect the possible range of the board. A full 27km is possible with road tires, 120mm Cloudwheels reach ~22km and the 175mm AT tires allow around 21km. Of course, the range also depends on the rider's weight and the type of ground. We tested the road tires on solid ground, and we tested the Cloudwheels and AT tires on gravel tracks. In short, the Exway Atlas offers enough capacity to get you to your destination. Even when driving off-road, which is far more energy-intensive than driving on the road, the Atlas offers more than enough range for your action trip. Motorization Here comes Exway with something completely new: a completely customizable modular system for everything to do with the engine. This means that the buyer has complete decision-making power over the available power. You can choose between 2* 1500Wh rear motors with a total of 3000Wh power or an all-wheel drive variant with an incredible 4800Wh power. Overall an incredible achievement. With the Exway Atlas you will definitely be the fastest in your group and never have to worry about inclines and obstacles. The equally unbelievable top speed of the Atlas is hard to believe: 51 km/h are feasible. This means: In urban areas it can happen that you have to pay attention to the maximum speed! Of course, the tires and the weight of the driver also play a role in the top speed, but with a maximum of 4800 Wh everyone gets their money's worth. But always wear a helmet at such high speeds, in an emergency it can save your life! As so often in life, there is a catch: the brakes take a lot of getting used to at first. Especially the version with the four motors brakes incredibly hard. In this respect, the braking distance only depends on your skills: If you keep the board under control when braking hard, then a braking distance of up to 7-10m is also achievable at 30km/h. Definitely test the brakes before your first fast ride. The ESC and the app The engine variant plays a major role here. If you order the rear motor combo, you will receive an ESC as standard, which supplies the two rear motors with power. However, if you order the all-wheel drive variant, you will receive two control elements for the two pairs of motors. Therefore, please note that if you want to convert your rear-wheel drive Atlas to an all-wheel drive variant, you must order a new ESC and install it yourself. When converting from all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, you only have to change the front axle and set the app accordingly. The ESC is great and provides you with consistent and controllable performance. As usual with Exway, everything is configurable in the app, from the acceleration curve to the braking force. This makes even the 4800 Wh beginner-friendly. Conclusion The Exway Atlas is a beast on any surface. It comes with all sorts of personalization and customization, with tons of power and great manoeuvrability. It now forms the flagship of the Exway range, and rightly so. Of course, Exway can pay for the quality, but you can say with a clear conscience that you have owned the board for life and that you will have fun and action for at least as long. With the code: "" you save 15$ on your entire shopping cart! Simply check out, enter the discount code at checkout and save money!

  • Evolve Carbon GTR

    Evolve GTR Skateboards In the universe of electric skateboards, Evolve are something like the Ferraris on the streets: high performance, the best possible quality components, extremely attractive designs, all in all a complete package of driving fun. Evolve Skateboards can also pay for that, the boards can be found in the top price segment. What the Evolve GTR has to offer and whether it's worth it, here is an overview on E-Skateboardsgermany. About the company Evolve is one of those companies that started in the garage and grew into a mega company. The first board rolled off the production line in 2008, meanwhile the boards from Evolve are the best-known in the whole scene. The only competitor in the luxury e-boards segment used to be Boosted Boards, which went bankrupt in 2020. That's why Evolve currently stands alone at the top of premium e-skateboards. Evolve GTR Series Review: The Deck The Evolve GTR offers the buyer two options: on the one hand there is the Bamboo GTR with a 97cm long, 30cm wide deck made of three layers of bamboo/two layers of glass fiber, on the other hand the 99cm long, 30cm wide Carbon GTR made of glass fiber. The Bamboo GTR has a typical longboard look, so it has a rather stylish appearance and is definitely an eye-catcher. Even people without any experience in the subject of eBoards recognize that the board is in a top class. The board is curved for a better stance, the rider has a comfortable stance and you feel the geometry of the board extremely well. The board is flexible, bends when shocked by e.g. B. potholes and cushions a bump on the board very well. Tires The interface between board and road are the 97mm 76A tires supplied by Evolve. In short, an incredible driving experience, the tires offer incredible grip. The driving experience when cruising is incorrigible, as a driver you feel in full control of the ground. Pneumatic tires with 7 inches are also available for unpaved surfaces, which means that the board can basically be used anywhere. Riding on grass and gravel in particular is conceivable, but the board is also rideable on the beach and on sand in general. Cloudwheels from iCloudwheels* are also compatible and represent a perfect compromise between road and all-round tires. The battery This is where Evolve leaves everyone behind: the 14AH Samsung Lithium Ion battery with 504Wh. The battery has no loss of performance, at 3% charge the board still accelerates the same as at 100%, sounds natural, but is not the case with the competition. Charging time from completely empty to completely full is about 4 to 5 hours. Evolve also offers an airline-friendly 152Wh battery, ideal for the flier. This makes the board an ideal companion for holidays and a suitable replacement for a rental car. The battery has an unbelievable range of 50km on road tires, tested by us personally. That's a mile apart from the competition in the truest sense of the word. It's safe to say: you'll reach your desired goal, even with a half-loaded board. Of course, the range depends on the driver's weight and driving style, but the tires also play a role. With the seven-inch all-round tires, the battery delivers 30km, still a great range. In the Bamboo variant, the battery has two USB ports, so it is even possible to personalize it with LEDs you have installed yourself. So all in all, Evolve leaves a lot of options open to the buyer. The motor A belt drive with 3000W power is available for purchase. This puts the GTR in a class of its own when it comes to drive technology. The engine delivers a top speed of ~45km/h, which should be achievable for many weight classes. Mountains are, as is probably conceivable, no problem at all with the 3000W. In fact, Evolve even had the fun of traveling to New Zealand to climb the world's steepest road (37%!). This gives us the best security to promise you that the mountains in your neighborhood will not fail you. Combined with the incredible range, the engine is really suitable for all road trips. Whether it's a leisurely drive along the beach or a drive through the mountains, nothing will really be able to stop the GTR Series, everything is conceivable. The motor also delivers tremendous stopping power. At an average driving speed of 30 km/h, the braking distance is around 10 m. Braking is constant and controllable, and the driver is not exposed to any fluctuations in braking force. A strong brake is really important at such high and achievable speeds and this is where Evolve delivers. The ESC The enormous power is controlled by an above-average ESC. The on-board computer provides the driver with important information, such as a decreasing charging capacity from 10%, the speed, the driving modes and so on. The driving modes ECO for the greatest possible range, PRO for advanced users, GTR as a sport mode and CUSTOM for a self-programmable driving mode, similar to the Exway Flex, can be selected. The ESC can be personalized via an app, making personalization user-friendly and easy. There are also numerous features, including trips that can be saved and shared with friends, and there are community challenges that you can take part in. Conclusion The board is world class. The performance data is unbelievable and speaks for itself. The longboard is very easy to control and offers a level of comfort that has never been reached before. The GTR can be personalized, it comes with customizable decks and has great features ready. It is and remains a luxury car among electric skateboards, so we unfortunately have to say: The board is not for beginners. Of course, performance and driving experience can be adjusted, but it is questionable whether you should start with the best on the market. For advanced and experts, the Bamboo GTR and the Carbon GTR offer an unprecedented driving experience. The only catch is the price: as a buyer you have to consider how much the luxury is worth to you. There are clearly cheaper alternatives, but they don't reach the performance of the GTR. If you decide to buy an Evolveboard board, know one thing: you haven't done anything wrong.

  • Best electric skateboards for beginners [2023] - find your perfect match!

    The world of electric skateboards is an exciting one, but also one with many different options and choices. It can be difficult, especially for beginners, to find the right electric skateboard to enter this exciting world. In this post, we want to help you make the right choice by discussing the most important factors when choosing a beginner electric skateboard and providing you with our top 5 recommendations. Read on to find out what factors go into choosing the right board and how to find the best electric skateboard to get you started in the world of electric skateboarding. Introduction Why the first e-board purchase is crucial Our selection criteria for the best boards for beginners Our suggestions for the best e-boards for beginners Conclusion I. Einleitung Why beginners should read this article If you're interested in electric skateboards, you've come to the right place. As a beginner it can be difficult to find the perfect board that suits your needs and eases your entry into the world of skateboarding. That's why we created this article to help you find the best electric skateboard for your needs. In this article we will give you a quick overview of the most important factors to look out for when looking to buy an electric longboard or electric board. We also present our selection criteria for the best electric skateboards for beginners and give you specific recommendations for boards that meet your needs. So if you are interested in electric skateboards and are looking for a suitable board, read on and find out what is important when buying and which boards we can recommend. Brief overview of the content of the article In this article you will find: Why the first e-board purchase is crucial Our selection criteria for the best boards for beginners, including low purchase price, easy-to-use deck, beginner-friendly performance, and customizability and upgradeability, Our suggestions for the best e-boards for beginners, including an introduction to the chosen boards and the pros and cons of each board, A conclusion with a summary of the selection criteria, information on what is important after the purchase and links to further articles. So if you're looking to buy an electric skateboard or electric longboard and aren't sure which board is right for you, read on and let us help you with your purchase decision. II. Warum der erste E-Board-Kauf entscheidend ist As a beginner in the world of electric skateboards, you should pay extra attention when buying one. Many manufacturers lure you with extremely low prices, the quality of the boards is usually poor and the electric skateboard can wear out or break faster. So you end up losing more money than you actually save. Therefore, beginners should use reputable and trustworthy providers, even if the prices are a bit higher. In a way, the first electric skateboard also opened the door to the world of e-skateboards. A misstep right at the beginning can have a lasting negative impact on your e-skate experience. We publish detailed reviews of reputable suppliers and their products on our website to help readers make an informed purchasing decision. We put the electric skateboards through their paces and report objectively on their performance, reliability and ease of use. It is also important that the board is tailored to one's preferences. Before deciding on an electric skateboard, you should be clear about what you expect from the board. Our selection tool can help here, filtering all available electric skateboards on the market according to your own preferences. To make a successful purchase, here are a few more tips: Do your research and read (our) reviews to get a good understanding of the different boards on the market. Set a budget and stick to it. There are many great boards out there, but there's no point in spending more money than you really need. Pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty conditions and customer service. A good customer service can be very helpful in case of problems or questions. Try the board before you buy it if possible. Unfortunately, few shops (e.g. Evolve skateboards) offer test rides to ensure the board meets your expectations. III. Our selection criteria for the best boards for beginners As a beginner, buying an electric skateboard is often a big investment that should not be underestimated. To ensure that you can enter the world of electric skateboards successfully, we have put together our selection criteria for the best boards for beginners, which we then take into account later in our selection. These include the following factors: low purchase price, user-friendly deck, beginner-friendly performance, customizability and upgradeability. Low purchase price The purchase price is often the highest hurdle for new beginners. Electric skateboards are expensive, so don't pay for more than you really need. We therefore recommend a board that is well below €1000. For beginners we especially recommend boards in the range of 400-600€, since decent quality components can be expected here despite the relatively low price. User-friendly deck The deck is one of the most important parts of an electric skateboard. It is the interface between the board and the driver and contributes significantly to the steering behavior. Flexible decks in particular are recommended for beginners, as they not only provide excellent shock absorption but also ensure a comfortable ride. Small bumps in the floor are absorbed by the deck and the beginner can keep his balance better. In our comparison, we therefore recommend boards with flexible decks in particular. Beginner-friendly performance Performance plays a big part in electric skateboards. A powerful board is nothing without controllability and the most user-friendly board is nothing without the power under the hood. Therefore, in our comparison, we mainly recommend boards that offer beginner-friendly performance and are easy for beginners to control. In concrete terms, this means a power of around 1000-1500W and a hub motor. Customization and upgradeability For beginners, we also recommend boards with an adjustable ESC, especially with different riding profiles and optional upgradeability. With different riding profiles, the beginner can limit the maximum power and braking power of the board, making it easier to get started. Once the necessary know-how has been learned, the driving mode can be changed and more power can be made available. For this reason, an upgradeability is also recommended, since the rider is not trapped in the performance framework of his beginner board and does not have to buy a new board straight away just to be able to experience more performance. IV. Our suggestions for the best e-boards for beginners Now that we've delved deep into the selection criteria for the best electric skateboards for beginners, we'd like to present our favourites. We have focused on boards that offer a good balance between price and performance and are easy to control for beginners. Introducing the Meepo Shuffle V4S* The Meepo Shuffle V4S is an electric longboard that is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. With a power of 1080W, the board can reach a maximum speed of 38 km/h. The range is up to 24 km, which is sufficient for most trips. The board has a hub drive and a flexible deck that offers a comfortable ride. The Meepo Shuffle V4S comes at an affordable price of $399.00 and still packs some impressive features. If you want to learn more about the Meepo Shuffle V4S, you can visit our post. There you will find a detailed review of the board, including more information on performance, range and comfort. If you want to buy the Meepo Shuffle V4S you can use our affiliate link.* Introducing the Teamgee H20 Mini* The Teamgee H20 Mini is a shortboard with a shorter deck length and is suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers. Although the power of 900 W is comparatively low, it is enough for a shortboard. The great range of 26 km ensures that you have enough time to enjoy the ride. The board features a delicate and intuitive hub drive. However, the deck is inflexible, which is typical for shortboards. The look of the board is really a big selling point and is particularly suitable for those who would like to cruise with friends along bike paths by the water and the like. For high-speed junkies with permanently high speeds, the world of longboards is worth considering. The board currently costs $399.00. Introducing the WowGo 2S Max* The WowGo 2S Max is another great e-board for beginners that cannot be missing from our list. The manufacturer WowGo has created a perfect combination of performance and user-friendliness with this board. The board has a typical longboard length and is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. With an output of 1100 W and an average range of 20 km, the board offers enough power for a comfortable ride. Another plus is the beginner-friendly hub drive, which makes for a smooth and controllable ride. The shock absorbing and flexible deck provides extra comfort and stability while riding. The board is currently priced at around $409.99. Introducing the Possway T3* The Possway T3 is another great board for beginners and intermediates. It is made by Possway and is a typical longboard. It has a beginner-friendly output of 1000W and a good range of 24km. Use coupon code ESKATEGERMANY200 to save $15 when you buy the board. Introducing the Exway Flex Pro* The Exway Flex Pro is a great longboard for beginners and intermediates. The manufacturer is the established brand Exway. It features a belt drive and a super shock absorbing, flexible deck. With above-average performance data, the Exway Flex Pro is a bit more expensive at $899, but various driving modes offer the possibility of individually adapting the performance to the driver. V. Conclusio In this article, we looked at buying your first electric skateboard and presented our selection criteria for the best boards for beginners. We've focused on factors like a low purchase price, an easy-to-use deck, beginner-friendly performance, and customizability and upgradeability. After evaluating different boards, we came up with three recommendations for beginners: the Meepo Shuffle V4S, the Teamgee H20 Mini, the WowGo 2S Max, the Possway T3 and the Exway Flex Pro.* Each board has its own pros and cons, which can be found at should be taken into account when making a purchase decision. Ultimately, buying an electric skateboard is an important decision that depends on many factors. We recommend taking your time and doing thorough research before deciding on a board. On our website we have extensive reviews and comparisons of various electric skateboards as well as other informative articles on the subject. Feel free to stop by to learn more about this exciting sport! Die mit Sternchen (*) gekennzeichneten Links sind Affiliate-Links. Wenn Sie auf einen solchen Link klicken und auf der Zielseite etwas kaufen, bekommen wir vom betreffenden Anbieter oder Online-Shop eine Vermittlerprovision. Es entstehen für Sie keine Nachteile beim Kauf oder Preis.

  • WowGo 2S Max

    WowGo has long been a staunch advocate of value for money and low purchase prices. With the WowGo AT2 and the mini version, the manufacturer brought two bestsellers onto the market, which were particularly well received by the beginners among us. This course of success should now be continued - with the new version of the WowGo 2S! The new WowGo 2S Max reviewed on E-Skateboardsgermany. The WowGo 2S Max on sale:* With the discount code: "germany" you save 15€ on your purchase! The deck The main component of the WowGo 2S Max is the 96*22cm deck made of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass. This mixture was already used in the predecessor - the WowGo 2S Pro - and therefore does not come as a surprise to long-established WowGo fans. In fact, the old trident design has also been adopted, which we highly praised in the 2S Pro review! You can find the link to the review here. In addition to the Neptune look, the Max version is now also available in a dark version, which impresses with a minimalist, sporty appearance. We love that WowGo gives buyers multiple designs, even if it's just two. The maple-bamboo mix makes the board flexible without acting as a trampoline and throwing off the rider. Small bumps on the road are quickly absorbed, the shock-absorbing grip tape takes care of bumps. The tires Again, WowGo gives you the choice between 90mm and 105mm Cloudwheels. The road tires have a durometer of 78A and are made of polyurethane - so much for the facts. But how do you feel? Well, on the tarmac, the road tires do a great job. The cornering is satisfactory despite the limited contact area - even at high cornering speeds we were able to keep confidence in the board and in the grip level. Things are different when the road conditions deteriorate: the road tires capitulate on light gravel, cobblestones and similar ground conditions - the 105mm Cloudwheels should help here. However, these are not real Cloudwheels with soft content, such as those known from It's a lot more oversized road tires with a lower durometer. The driving experience is therefore comparable to road tires, only with better grip due to a larger contact surface. In addition, light shocks are absorbed much better by the softer material. Admittedly, you are not the great off-road revolution. If you want to go one better, you can visit The manufacturer now also offers a set of 120mm cloud wheels for the WowGo 2S Max. You can find the link to the corresponding set of tires here.* The engine The WowGo 2S Max is equipped with two dual, 550W hub motors, which means a power increase of 100W over the 2S Pro. Of course, this also increases the top speed: instead of the previous 40 km/h, a whole 45 km/h can now be achieved. These are quite good values ​​for a board in the low price range, which we were also able to confirm in our E-SkateboardsGermany test. When it comes to climbing, the board performs quite averagely. The S2 Max is specified with a maximum of 30% on road tires and 25% on the larger 105mm honeycomb tires. Gradients of 15-20% are more realistic here, but steeper hills are rarely driven. The top speed drops quite sharply as the gradient increases, but this is typical for hub-powered e-boards. Accelerating and braking are also typically sensitive and gentle. It's actually impossible to get knocked off the board. This results above all in the beginner-friendliness of the e-board. But that also means that long-established e-skaters and pros might be a bit lacking in performance. The battery In terms of range, not much has changed compared to the previous model: the built-in 12S2P, 50.4V batteries with 5Ah are largely the same as in the Pro version. The range of around 20km has not increased accordingly. What may seem disappointing to some is basically easy to explain: The battery is almost always the most expensive part of an e-board. Since the 2S Max was still supposed to remain cheap as a budget board, a better battery couldn't simply be installed - at least not without adjusting the prices upwards. WowGo has waived this. Nevertheless, a range of 20km in the price segment up to ~800€ is quite acceptable. The ESC & remote control The control of the WowGo 2S Max is and remains the Hobbywing ESC. With the further development to version 4.0, the response time is said to have been reduced by 0.05s compared to the 2S Pro. In fact, the control is very responsive, responding quickly to input and providing smooth acceleration. Furthermore, the usual functionalities such as different driver profiles, the automatic on/off function, warnings when the charge level is low, etc. have been integrated. The remote control remains the same as the 2S Pro, it comes with a small screen to read the ride data, the multifunction button and the rotary wheel to control the power output. Plain and simple, with exactly the features an electric skater needs to ride. Your old remote control from the 2S Pro also remains compatible, so that you don't have to order a new one in the event of damage or loss. The conclusion The WowGo 2S Pro hit like a bomb when it was released: the low price and the beginner-friendliness were the arguments that convinced customers. The WowGo 2S Max still has these features, but brings little that is new to the table. In addition to a new design and slightly increased engine capacity, there are few improvements that draw a clear line from the previous model. So if it doesn't always have to be the latest, the WowGo 2S Pro may still be the better choice. With the discount code: "germany" you save 15€ on your purchase!

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