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Exway Atlas

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Atlas im Review auf!

The Exway Atlas* is Exway's third electric skateboard and one thing is for sure: With this board, Exway is clearly taking their range to a new level. An off-road skateboard with unbelievably powerful motors, a new deck with a modular system and above-average electronics. But how does the board perform in the test? The answers are available at E-Skateboardsgermany, your e-skate club!

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the deck

The board is a deck made entirely of carbon fiber. That's right, no maple, no fiberglass, just pure carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is widely used in racing because it combines extreme hardness with low weight. So you can proudly say that you are driving a small racing car.

However, this also means that you do not need to expect any flexibility from the deck.

But what about uneven ground, potholes and curbs? Are the forces immediately passed on to the driver? No, because even if the deck is stiff, the Atlas has some shock absorbers to offer. On the one hand, the grip tape also acts as a shock absorber, impacts are almost absorbed.

In addition, the deck is 100.4 cm * 31.2 cm in size, so there is a huge contact surface to distribute forces well. In addition, Exway's pneumatic tires absorb far more bumps and shocks than the all-round tires from the competition. Overall, the deck offers an incredibly comfortable ride. Fast rides are supported by the incredibly stiff deck, off-road rides by the wide stance and the flexible chassis.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Atlas im Review auf!

Die Bereifung

The tires

Here Exway offers a brutal number of options: Cloudwheels, Streetwheels and off-road tires are compatible, all offered by Exway in-house. Of course, tires from ICloudwheels* are also compatible, but please note that the Atlas is purely belt-driven.

As already mentioned, the 175mm tires* are extremely shock-absorbing and make driving z. B. on the forest floor is child's play. We feel that the board was developed for this type of tire, so we recommend the AT tires the most.

Equally compatible are road tires from Exway. Due to its construction, the Atlas is already a racing car, so to speak, with the right road tires it literally eats up the road. The 90mm street tires* are the perfect rubber for fast corners and high speeds, so that one or the other speed record can be broken.

If you are looking for a compromise between road and terrain, you will find it at Cloudwheels. Exway offers their 120mm Cloudwheels*, the comfort on road and light terrain like gravel is unattainable with road tires. Bumps and bumps are absorbed before they even reach the rider. The Cloudwheels are beautifully matched to the axles, giving the rider both responsiveness and controllability.

Whichever type of tire you choose, you can always change it later. Also note that depending on the type, the maximum range will be affected.

The battery

A 12S4P 518Wh battery is supplied as the battery. It runs alongside the bottom of the board and, along with the built-in carbon fiber, is the reason why the deck is so rock solid. The battery is not offered on Exway, so unfortunately it is not possible to change it.

As already described, the tires affect the possible range of the board. A full 27km is possible with road tires, 120mm Cloudwheels reach ~22km and the 175mm AT tires allow around 21km. Of course, the range also depends on the rider's weight and the type of ground. We tested the road tires on solid ground, and we tested the Cloudwheels and AT tires on gravel tracks.

In short, the Exway Atlas offers enough capacity to get you to your destination. Even when driving off-road, which is far more energy-intensive than driving on the road, the Atlas offers more than enough range for your action trip.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Atlas im Review auf!


Here comes Exway with something completely new: a completely customizable modular system for everything to do with the engine. This means that the buyer has complete decision-making power over the available power. You can choose between 2* 1500Wh rear motors with a total of 3000Wh power or an all-wheel drive variant with an incredible 4800Wh power.

Overall an incredible achievement. With the Exway Atlas you will definitely be the fastest in your group and never have to worry about inclines and obstacles.

The equally unbelievable top speed of the Atlas is hard to believe: 51 km/h are feasible. This means: In urban areas it can happen that you have to pay attention to the maximum speed! Of course, the tires and the weight of the driver also play a role in the top speed, but with a maximum of 4800 Wh everyone gets their money's worth. But always wear a helmet at such high speeds, in an emergency it can save your life!

As so often in life, there is a catch: the brakes take a lot of getting used to at first. Especially the version with the four motors brakes incredibly hard. In this respect, the braking distance only depends on your skills: If you keep the board under control when braking hard, then a braking distance of up to 7-10m is also achievable at 30km/h. Definitely test the brakes before your first fast ride.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Atlas im Review auf!

The ESC and the app

The engine variant plays a major role here. If you order the rear motor combo, you will receive an ESC as standard, which supplies the two rear motors with power. However, if you order the all-wheel drive variant, you will receive two control elements for the two pairs of motors.

Therefore, please note that if you want to convert your rear-wheel drive Atlas to an all-wheel drive variant, you must order a new ESC and install it yourself. When converting from all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive, you only have to change the front axle and set the app accordingly.

The ESC is great and provides you with consistent and controllable performance. As usual with Exway, everything is configurable in the app, from the acceleration curve to the braking force. This makes even the 4800 Wh beginner-friendly.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Atlas im Review auf!


The Exway Atlas is a beast on any surface. It comes with all sorts of personalization and customization, with tons of power and great manoeuvrability. It now forms the flagship of the Exway range, and rightly so. Of course, Exway can pay for the quality, but you can say with a clear conscience that you have owned the board for life and that you will have fun and action for at least as long.

With the code: "" you save 15$ on your entire shopping cart! Simply check out, enter the discount code at checkout and save money!


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