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WowGo Mini 2

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!

After a long time it's that time again: Let's look at an e-shortboard together! The WowGo Mini 2 aims to combine everyday fun and purpose in a compact skateboard - and at a low price. But can the new WowGo flagship defeat the competition around the Exway Wave, the Teamgee H20 Mini or the BKB board? We'll find out in the review on E-Skateboardsgermany!

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The deck

Small but nice! With a wheelbase of 52cm, the WowGo Mini 2 clearly belongs to the class of shortboards. And that has several advantages: the board is easy to carry, quickly disappears into the backpack and is unpacked just as quickly. Basically, the board is perfectly designed for the routine route, e.g. for the way to work, to school, to get from A to B on campus... So the fields of application are incredibly large.

Like most shortboards, the Mini 2 is as rigid as it is inflexible. Eight-ply maple creates a stable base, which is all the more important with so little cross-sectional area. The deck is curved, the so-called flairs on the edges improve maneuverability and the turning circle. The Mini 2 has a small kicktail at the lower end, which should appeal to the experts among us. U-turns become child's play, even tricks are conceivable - as long as you pay attention to the sensitive electronics. To prevent damage and wear and tear on the deck, WowGo installs the brake pad on the underside as standard. Although it increases the weight, it prevents unsightly scratches.

How does the deck feel when riding? Well, the deck is slightly curved, so that there is more surface area. Maneuverability is also increased with raised edges. This results in great handling, suitable for sharp turns and nimble steering.

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!

The tires

Here WowGo gives you the choice: on the one hand there are the 90mm polyurethane road tires, on the other hand the 105mm Cloudwheels. Anyone who chooses tires from can look forward to pleasantly soft, shock-absorbing skateboard wheels. Vibrations from the road are absorbed as far as possible, so that the legs do not tire too quickly. Unfortunately, this is missing with the 90mm tires, but they are a bit cheaper.

If the worst comes to the worst, the WowGo Mini 2 can also be retrofitted, e.g. 105mm cloud wheel donuts for the road tires are conceivable. WowGo offers them in its own shop, you can find the link here.*

Das WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf! Elektrische Skateboards, elektrische Longboards, elektrische Shortboards auf!

The motorization

With two 680 watt hub motors, the Mini 2 achieves a total of 1360 watts of power. This puts the new WowGo sled ahead of Teamgee's H20 Mini and EnSkate's R3. Only the BKB shortboard with 3000W is ahead of the WowGo Mini 2, the review of the board can be found here.* That means: You get a lot of performance for the small price.

Die Motorisierung

Mit zwei 680Watt-Nabenmotoren kommt das Mini 2 auf insgesamt 1360W Leistung. Damit liegt der neue WowGo-Schlitten vor dem H20 Mini von Teamgee und dem R3 von EnSkate. Einzig das BKB-Shortboard liegt mit 3000W noch vor dem WowGo Mini 2, das Review zum Board finden Sie hier.* Das bedeutet: Mit dem kleinen Preis bekommen Sie recht viel Leistung.

The realistic maximum speed is around 40 km/h, but this can vary depending on the track conditions and the weight of the driver. For better understanding: on a shortboard this is more than enough! Due to the smaller wheelbase, stability is more difficult to maintain, so driving errors are punished accordingly quickly. If you then drive 40 km/h, you accept serious injuries. Therefore wear at least one helmet, more about that here.

Typically, hub motors are not true climbers. Although the Mini 2 is designed for inclines of up to 30%, the board loses about half of its maximum speed on an incline of 9%. For hilly terrain you might want to consider a different board.

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!

The battery

Here, WowGo relies on a 10s2p battery with 187.2Wh. 25km should be achieved with it, in our test with a 61kg rider it was about 23km. Heavier riders should therefore lower their expectations a bit, but these are still good performance data for such a small board - and for the price.

Unfortunately, quick replacement of an empty battery is not possible, the battery and housing are attached with 10 screws, all of which would have to be removed first. Nevertheless, the battery is available for purchase separately. You can find the link to the correct replacement battery here.* If the power runs out on the road trip, you should also take the appropriate tools with you in addition to the battery.

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!


With the electronic control unit from Hobbywing, WowGo relies on a classic. The Mini 2's power delivery is buttery smooth, acceleration and braking are predictable and reliable. In addition, various driving modes are offered, with which the power output can be further personalized.

The ESC, together with the battery, is housed in a large plastic housing. In addition to the power button, there is also a charging indicator on the housing for reading the battery level.

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!

The remote control

The remote control remains the same as the 2S Max, it comes with a small screen to read the ride data, the multifunction knob and the rotary wheel to control the power delivery. Plain and simple, with exactly the features an electric skater needs to ride. Unfortunately, despite the few changes, the old WowGo remote controls are not compatible with the new Mini 2, so a new one has to be ordered if lost or defective. You can find the link to the correct remote control here.*

Elektro Shortboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo Mini 2 im Review auf!

The conclusion

The small tension factor in everyday life: the daily way to the bakery, to school and to the office has never been so fun. The Mini 2 is designed for maximum flexibility and complements the WowGo fleet with a practical shortboard. And even with a fairly low price, it takes on the high-end shortboards like an Exway Wave.

With the code "germany" you save 5€ on your purchase!


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