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WowGo AT2

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo AT2 im Review auf!

If you're looking for a real off-roader, you've come to the right place: The WowGo AT2* is a real all-purpose master. sand, gravel, mud and grass; the AT2 takes you to your destination. Whether it's worth buying and how the board performs in the test: here in the review on E-Skateboardsgermany.

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The Deck

The black, elongated deck of the WowGo AT2s* is a real sight: It is a 96.5cm long combination of fiberglass, bamboo and maple, each element brings its specific advantages: The board is just flexible enough to handle bumps and bumps To cushion potholes, and at the same time rigid enough to ensure a certain driving stability when driving fast. The glass fibers in the board prevent the board from breaking under enormous loads.

The deck is curved to the maximum contact surface of the feet, you have an almost rock solid stand. This is also necessary if the board is to be ridden on unstable ground. Also, it's a drop-through deck, meaning nothing more than a center-sinking deck. This lowers the center of gravity and improves cornering.

Our congratulations to WowGo, the deck is flawless. Especially with regard to the different tire options, the deck is ideal for all kinds of eventualities and surfaces.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo AT2 im Review auf!

The tires

WowGo offers you two purchasing options: the 175mm diameter pneumatic tires, or the 120mm cloudwheel tires. Thanks to the belt drive (more on this later), any tire variant can be selected, e.g. B. 80mm Orangatang wheels, any tires from iCloudwheels* etc. This also allows extensive personalization.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo AT2 im Review auf!

Regarding the tires offered by WowGo: the pneumatic tires are made for gravel/mud/sand. The large diameter makes it possible to climb edges, drive over large stones and potholes are no problem up to a certain speed.

Compared to the tire, the Cloudwheels are more of a street version. On asphalt, the vibrations are almost absorbed, the driving experience is great. You can also make progress on grass and gravel, but of course the pneumatic tires are better suited there.

The motorization

WowGo doesn't do things by halves with the AT2: The board comes with 6368 1500W belt-driven eMotors. In terms of performance, this motor type is even better than the Evolve GTR Series.

The motor brings the board and rider to a strong ~40km/h, light riders can definitely do more. Such speed on off-road tires is remarkable, the sheer power of the board amazes.

The 1500Wh accelerate incredibly fast, especially on loose ground great drifts and burnouts can be performed. But the power output is also pleasant and constant on the road, there are no drops in performance.

The braking power of the motors is above average, even at 30km/h the braking distance is no more than 10-15m. This is important on the road, but also when driving off-road on uneven ground.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo AT2 im Review auf!

The battery

Even a 1500Wh drive is nothing without a good battery. And that's exactly what the AT2 has: WowGo supplies a 10S4P 14Ah Sanyo battery with a charging time of 3 to 4 hours. The battery runs alongside the board, yet the deck remains flexible thanks to notches in the battery.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum range is around 35km, but you would have to drive very lightly, very slowly and, above all, very efficiently. Realistic are 22-26 km, correspondingly less when driving off-road.

The battery is protected by particularly strong plastic on the underside of the board. This prevents scratches and damage to the memory.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo AT2 im Review auf!


The WowGo AT2* is a real monster, grass and gravel its hunting ground. The board is a real eye-catcher with its dark, minimalist look, the motorization and the driving position make it the king off the road.

To pick up the introductory sentence again: If you are looking for a real off-roader, you have come to the right place. If you mostly drive off-road, you get real value for money here. However, for riders who mostly have asphalt under their wheels, the board might cost too much. Of course, the AT2 can master all types of ground very well, but there are boards that are much more specialized on paved surfaces, so they are perfectly adequate for the everyday rider and cost even less.

As a buyer, you have to decide: Where do I usually drive, what is more worthwhile. Either way, whoever orders the WowGo AT2* can look forward to plenty of power and off-road action.

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