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WowGo 2S Max

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo 2S Max im Review auf!

WowGo has long been a staunch advocate of value for money and low purchase prices. With the WowGo AT2 and the mini version, the manufacturer brought two bestsellers onto the market, which were particularly well received by the beginners among us. This course of success should now be continued - with the new version of the WowGo 2S! The new WowGo 2S Max reviewed on E-Skateboardsgermany.

The WowGo 2S Max on sale:*

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The deck

The main component of the WowGo 2S Max is the 96*22cm deck made of Canadian maple, bamboo and fiberglass. This mixture was already used in the predecessor - the WowGo 2S Pro - and therefore does not come as a surprise to long-established WowGo fans.

In fact, the old trident design has also been adopted, which we highly praised in the 2S Pro review! You can find the link to the review here. In addition to the Neptune look, the Max version is now also available in a dark version, which impresses with a minimalist, sporty appearance. We love that WowGo gives buyers multiple designs, even if it's just two.

The maple-bamboo mix makes the board flexible without acting as a trampoline and throwing off the rider. Small bumps on the road are quickly absorbed, the shock-absorbing grip tape takes care of bumps.

The tires

Again, WowGo gives you the choice between 90mm and 105mm Cloudwheels. The road tires have a durometer of 78A and are made of polyurethane - so much for the facts. But how do you feel? Well, on the tarmac, the road tires do a great job. The cornering is satisfactory despite the limited contact area - even at high cornering speeds we were able to keep confidence in the board and in the grip level.

Things are different when the road conditions deteriorate: the road tires capitulate on light gravel, cobblestones and similar ground conditions - the 105mm Cloudwheels should help here. However, these are not real Cloudwheels with soft content, such as those known from It's a lot more oversized road tires with a lower durometer. The driving experience is therefore comparable to road tires, only with better grip due to a larger contact surface. In addition, light shocks are absorbed much better by the softer material. Admittedly, you are not the great off-road revolution.

If you want to go one better, you can visit The manufacturer now also offers a set of 120mm cloud wheels for the WowGo 2S Max. You can find the link to the corresponding set of tires here.*

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo 2S Max im Review auf!

The engine

The WowGo 2S Max is equipped with two dual, 550W hub motors, which means a power increase of 100W over the 2S Pro. Of course, this also increases the top speed: instead of the previous 40 km/h, a whole 45 km/h can now be achieved. These are quite good values ​​for a board in the low price range, which we were also able to confirm in our E-SkateboardsGermany test.

When it comes to climbing, the board performs quite averagely. The S2 Max is specified with a maximum of 30% on road tires and 25% on the larger 105mm honeycomb tires. Gradients of 15-20% are more realistic here, but steeper hills are rarely driven. The top speed drops quite sharply as the gradient increases, but this is typical for hub-powered e-boards.

Accelerating and braking are also typically sensitive and gentle. It's actually impossible to get knocked off the board. This results above all in the beginner-friendliness of the e-board. But that also means that long-established e-skaters and pros might be a bit lacking in performance.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo 2S Max im Review auf!

The battery

In terms of range, not much has changed compared to the previous model: the built-in 12S2P, 50.4V batteries with 5Ah are largely the same as in the Pro version. The range of around 20km has not increased accordingly.

What may seem disappointing to some is basically easy to explain: The battery is almost always the most expensive part of an e-board. Since the 2S Max was still supposed to remain cheap as a budget board, a better battery couldn't simply be installed - at least not without adjusting the prices upwards. WowGo has waived this. Nevertheless, a range of 20km in the price segment up to ~800€ is quite acceptable.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo 2S Max im Review auf!

The ESC & remote control

The control of the WowGo 2S Max is and remains the Hobbywing ESC. With the further development to version 4.0, the response time is said to have been reduced by 0.05s compared to the 2S Pro. In fact, the control is very responsive, responding quickly to input and providing smooth acceleration.

Furthermore, the usual functionalities such as different driver profiles, the automatic on/off function, warnings when the charge level is low, etc. have been integrated.

The remote control remains the same as the 2S Pro, it comes with a small screen to read the ride data, the multifunction button and the rotary wheel to control the power output. Plain and simple, with exactly the features an electric skater needs to ride. Your old remote control from the 2S Pro also remains compatible, so that you don't have to order a new one in the event of damage or loss.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard WowGo 2S Max im Review auf!

The conclusion

The WowGo 2S Pro hit like a bomb when it was released: the low price and the beginner-friendliness were the arguments that convinced customers. The WowGo 2S Max still has these features, but brings little that is new to the table. In addition to a new design and slightly increased engine capacity, there are few improvements that draw a clear line from the previous model. So if it doesn't always have to be the latest, the WowGo 2S Pro may still be the better choice.

With the discount code: "germany" you save 15€ on your purchase!


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