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Bamboo GTR - Evolve

Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2023

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Evolve Bamboo GTR im Review auf!

Evolve GTR Skateboards

In the universe of electric skateboards, evolve are something like the Ferraris on the streets: high performance, the best possible quality components, extremely attractive designs, all in all a complete package of driving fun. Evolve Skateboards can also pay for that, the boards can be found in the top price segment. What the Evolve GTR has to offer and whether it's worth it, here is an overview on E-Skateboardsgermany.

About the company

Evolve is one of those companies that started in the garage and grew into a mega company. The first board rolled off the production line in 2008, meanwhile the boards from Evolve are the best-known in the whole scene.

The only competitor in the luxury e-boards segment used to be Boosted Boards, which went bankrupt in 2020. That's why Evolve currently stands alone at the top of premium e-skateboards.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Evolve Bamboo GTR im Review auf!

Evolve GTR Series Review: The Deck

The Evolve GTR offers the buyer two options: on the one hand there is the Bamboo GTR with a 97cm long, 30cm wide deck made of three layers of bamboo/two layers of glass fiber, on the other hand the 99cm long, 30cm wide carbon GTR made of glass fiber.

The Bamboo GTR has a typical longboard look, so it has a rather stylish appearance and is definitely an eye-catcher. Even people without any experience in the subject of eBoards recognize that the board is in a top class.

The board is curved for a better footing, the rider has a comfortable footing and you can feel the geometry of the board extremely well. The board is flexible, bends when shocked by e.g. B. potholes and cushions a bump on the board very well.

The Carbon GTR is longer, tighter and above all darker than the Bamboo GTR. It's all black with a shiny silver Evolve logo in the middle. When approaching the city, you will definitely draw attention to yourself.

As already mentioned, the deck is not flexible, but this makes it more stable when entering corners quickly. Overall, the carbon deck is more for sporty driving and definitely a dream for high-speed junkies.


The interface between board and road are the 97mm 76A tires supplied by Evolve. In short, an incredible driving experience, the tires offer incredible grip. The driving experience when cruising is incorrigible, as a driver you feel in full control of the ground.

Pneumatic tires with 7 inches are also available for unpaved surfaces, which means that the board can basically be used anywhere. Riding on grass and gravel in particular is conceivable, but the board is also rideable on the beach and on sand in general.

Cloudwheels from iCloudwheels* are also compatible and represent a perfect compromise between road and all-round tires.

The battery

This is where Evolve leaves everyone behind: the 14AH Samsung Lithium Ion battery with 504Wh. The battery has no loss of performance, at 3% charge the board still accelerates the same as at 100%, sounds natural, but is not the case with the competition. Charging time from completely empty to completely full is about 4 to 5 hours.

Evolve also offers an airline-friendly 152Wh battery, ideal for the flier. This makes the board an ideal companion for holidays and a suitable replacement for a rental car.

The battery has an unbelievable range of 50km on road tires, tested by us personally. That's a mile apart from the competition in the truest sense of the word. It's safe to say: you'll reach your desired goal, even with a half-loaded board.

Of course, the range depends on the driver's weight and driving style, but the tires also play a role. With the seven-inch all-round tires, the battery delivers 30km, still a great range.

In the Bamboo version, the battery has two USB ports, so it is even possible to personalize it with self-installed LEDs. So all in all, Evolve leaves a lot of options open to the buyer.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Evolve Bamboo GTR im Review auf!

The motor

A belt drive with 3000W power is available for purchase. This puts the GTR in a class of its own when it comes to drive technology. The engine delivers a top speed of ~45km/h, which should be achievable for many weight classes. Mountains are, as is probably conceivable, no problem at all with the 3000W.

In fact, Evolve even had the fun of traveling to New Zealand to climb the world's steepest road (37%!). This gives us the best security to promise you that the mountains in your neighborhood will not fail you.

Combined with the incredible range, the engine is really suitable for all road trips. Whether it's a leisurely drive along the beach or a drive through the mountains, nothing will really be able to stop the GTR Series, everything is conceivable.

The motor also delivers tremendous stopping power. At an average driving speed of 30 km/h, the braking distance is around 10 m. Braking is constant and controllable, and the driver is not exposed to any fluctuations in braking force. A strong brake is really important at such high and achievable speeds and this is where Evolve delivers.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Evolve Bamboo GTR im Review auf!


The enormous power is controlled by an above-average ESC. The on-board computer provides the driver with important information, such as a decreasing charging capacity from 10%, the speed, the driving modes and so on.

The driving modes ECO for the greatest possible range, PRO for advanced users, GTR as a sport mode and CUSTOM for a self-programmable driving mode, similar to the Exway Flex, can be selected.

The ESC can be personalized via an app, making personalization user-friendly and easy. There are also numerous features, including trips that can be saved and shared with friends, and there are community challenges that you can take part in.


The board is world class. The performance data is unbelievable and speaks for itself. The longboard is very easy to control and offers a level of comfort that has never been reached before. The GTR can be personalized, it comes with customizable decks and has great features ready. It is and remains a luxury car among electric skateboards, so we unfortunately have to say: The board is not for beginners. Of course, performance and driving experience can be adjusted, but it is questionable whether you should start with the best on the market.

For advanced and experts, the Bamboo GTR and the Carbon GTR offer an unprecedented driving experience. The only catch is the price: as a buyer you have to consider how much the luxury is worth to you. There are clearly cheaper alternatives, but they definitely don't reach the performance of the GTR. If you decide to buy an Evolveboard board, know one thing: you haven't done anything wrong.

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May 05, 2022

Gutes Board, sollte bei dem Preis aber auch so sein

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