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Exway Flex

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!

Anyone who says e-board can no longer avoid Exway*: The Chinese company Exway has established itself as one of the top manufacturers of e-longboards and shortboards. The brand has brought real price-performance champions onto the market, including the Exway Flex, which we report on here.

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Key data:

  • Top speed: ~40 km/h

  • Range: 32 km

  • Motors: Hub drive motors 1200W / belt drive 1500W

  • Deck size: 94cm*30cm

  • Extras: changeable motor type, mobile app

  • Very good value for money

  • High quality built-in parts

  • Pleasant cornering behavior

  • Customizable ESC via app

  • Not necessarily as flexible as described by the manufacturer

  • Long delivery time

Review of the Exway Flex


We start with the heart of the longboard: the battery.* In this case even a smart, intelligent battery: The memory discharges itself if the board is not used for a long time! This not only protects the battery against loss of capacity, but also your wallet. The feature makes the battery very durable and therefore efficient.

The batteries are replaceable, and Exway delivers the necessary Allen key to the buyer in the package with the board.

The battery consists of Sony's VTC6 18650 battery cells* and has a capacity of 259Wh. This enables a very pleasant, even power output, in our test runs we did not see any power fluctuations. The battery lasts well until the end of the battery power (~10%), then the loss of performance is already noticeable, especially on mountains. However, this is very normal, rather a very good value compared to other e-boards.

The 259Wh enable a constant range of 32km, which of course can vary from person to person according to weight. In our test, the 32km could easily be reached with a 90kg rider.

Rotating the board reveals battery power through four LED rings around the power button. However, the % display is of course also visible on the remote control. The display is very reliable and does not make any sudden jumps, as is the case with cheap batteries.

It should be noted at this point that batteries with such performance data are actually more likely to be expected in a higher price segment. Exway is really a frontline fighter on this issue.

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!


Let's move on from the heart of the board, the battery, to the brain of the longboard, namely the ESC.* What we like most here: You can personalize just about everything. From acceleration curves to braking strength for the respective gear, from turbo settings to cruise control settings, there is so much that can be adjusted. Another feature is the standby time: how long should the battery last when not in use until it discharges itself to protect the capacity? The ESC offers countless possibilities.

Incidentally, this makes the board particularly beginner-friendly: If you would like to approach e-skating a little more gently and not yet demand full power from the board, you can simply switch to beginner mode in the app and familiarize yourself with the board with a lower power output - a huge one Advantage.

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!


Exway provides the buyer with two types of drive: one is a 1200W hub motor and the other is a 1500W belt motor. The Riot kit naturally delivers more torque with 300W more, but both types of drive are incredibly powerful.

Gradients of up to 30% are possible thanks to the motorization. The looks of passers-by who are amazed as you shoot up the mountain are priceless. But joking aside, through the ESC settings, the motors offer controllable power delivery for the novice and plenty of power for the expert.

the deck

The deck is composed of bamboo and fiberglass, which makes it flexible overall. Hence the name: Exway Flex. However, it is actually not as flexible as advertised, bottoming out while driving is actually not possible (except for the heavy weight of the driver).

The flexible deck cushions bumps and bumps, making for a very comfortable ride. Helps with stones and some potholes, but you still notice the paved surface and ruts very clearly. On asphalt, the deck with the grip tape creates a great driving experience, invites you to longer tours such as road trips or just cruising.

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!

The tires

The link between the driver and the road is provided by Exway's orange, branded 85mm tyres. The tires are simply perfect for driving on paved surfaces. Sufficient bearing surface on the road, so far-reaching grip, which makes reliable cornering possible at high speeds.

Other tires should be chosen for loose ground, since Exway offers a whole range of tire types. Please note, however, that depending on the type of drive (hubs/belt drive), not every tire can be fitted. If you are still not satisfied with the range offered, we recommend visiting*, where high-quality, customizable Cloudwheels are offered at good prices.

top speeds

The top speeds depend on the motor types: With the flex hub we reached a top speed of 46.4 km/h and with the riot kit we actually reached a strong 49.3 km/h.

These are unbelievable values ​​in the price range, and still exceptionally high speeds in the entire segment of e-boards. But we are sure that anyone can achieve these speeds, you don't need laboratory conditions for that. But please wear a helmet and body protection.

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!

distance test

We achieved a distance of ~22km with the Flex Hub and ~26km with the Flex Riot. We didn't exactly reach the range of 32 km specified by the manufacturer, but such tests are of course more artificial in the laboratory and not completely realistic.

We didn't ride any really steep mountains, just ran the battery in a straight line and thus reached these values. However, there is likely to be a big difference in the distance you can reach when moving different weights on the board, so these results should be taken with a pinch of salt. But it can be said that the board has enough range to serve as a means of transport in everyday life, but also on road trips at the weekend.

Of course, the range can also be extended as desired if you have several Exway batteries in your backpack.

brake test

When it comes to braking, the belt drive beats the hub drive by far. The difference is about 5 meters at top speed.

Since brakes are really an important issue at straight high speeds, as an advanced skater who likes to go fast, you should consider investing in the belt-driven variant. But if you are more concerned with cruising, then you should not rely so much on the braking difference. Both types of propulsion have strong and trustworthy brakes and bring the board to a standstill.

Elektro Longboardboard und elektrisches Skateboard Exway Flex im Review auf!


It is very difficult to find arguments against a buy recommendation. The Exway Flex convinces with price, performance and quality of the parts. This is also reflected in reviews on*

All in all: You can't go wrong with the board, whether you're a beginner or an expert. The question is whether you are interested in longboards or shortboards. If the decision falls on the longboard, here is our clear recommendation. But one more tip: Don't take too much time with the purchase. The delivery times can be rather long (1/2 months).

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