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The best electric longboard of 2022

Updated: May 18, 2023

Fancy a new electric skateboard? E-Skateboardsgermany shows you the best e-longboards on the market in 2022. You can also save up to 5% on your new electric skateboard with selected discount codes.

The test winner 2022: The Meepo Hurricane

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Das Meepo Hurricane im Test auf!

With an average range of 38km and an insane motorization of 7000W, the Meepo Hurricane is a real premium board among e-longboards, despite a comparatively low price! The sporty carbon design and the many customization options make the Hurricane suitable for both road and off-road use and a great overall package for driving fun and performance.

Das ausführliche Review zum Meepo Hurricane finden Sie hier.

The best all-rounder: Meepo V4S

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Das Meepo Voyager e-Longboard im Test auf

Great top speed, long range, perfect value for money: the new Meepo Voyager has it all. The e-longboard with bamboo/glass fiber deck and a 518Wh battery with a range of 38-58km offers you incomparable driving pleasure at a first-class price.

Das ausführliche Review zum Meepo Voyager finden Sie hier.

The off-road winner 2022: The Exway Atlas 4WD

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Das Exway Atlas 4WD im Test auf

If you want action, you've come to the right place with the Exway Atlas: The currently only board with all-wheel drive provides plenty of excitement for the rider on gravel and forest paths. In the 4WD edition, the e-longboard offers 4800W of power. In addition, Exway AT tires provide the necessary grip on a wide variety of off-road routes.

The detailed review of the Exway Atlas can be found here.

The best for a small price: The Possway T3

Here is the Possway shop:

Das Possway T3 im Test auf

If you're looking for a bargain, Possway is the place for you: with the new T3, the manufacturer delivers a great board at a low price. With 1000W engine power and a range of 24 km, the new electric skateboard offers above-average performance at actually below-average prices.

The detailed review of the Possway T3 can be found here.



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