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Teamgee H20

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Teamgee H20 im Review auf!

Teamgee is one of the older manufacturers on the market and has brought many good boards to the market. Recently the company has been moving away from the original thin and minimalist style towards larger and more powerful boards. The product of this transformation: the Teamgee H20, here you will find all the important information.


Let's start with one of the most important parts of an electric longboard, the battery. The H20 has a lot to offer here: 7.5Ah 18650 cell batteries of the type 10S3P are installed, batteries that are also used in e-bike production.

The batteries are said to offer a range of up to 40km, we achieved around 28km on a normal ride without hills with a 70kg driver. This is a normal deviation, as the boards are tested by the manufacturer under more laboratory-like conditions. 28km is a solid average value in the price range, but the range will of course vary from driver to driver.

The battery cannot be changed easily, so the grip tape would have to be removed and the screw connection loosened. Engines

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Teamgee H20 im Review auf!


The motor is connected directly to the battery, here Teamgee supplies dual 540W motors, giving a total power of 1080W.

Acceleration is pretty amazing considering we have hub motors on board: you get to high speeds quite quickly. Of course it's not comparable to a belt drive, but the H20 has a strong acceleration curve in comparison to other hub motor powered longboards. A maximum of 42km/h should be achievable, we came to ~39km/h.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Teamgee H20 im Review auf!

The brakes are important at such high speeds. The brakes are very constant/soft, but at top speed you have to allow for about 30m braking distance, typical for hub motors.

With a gradient of ~15% you can expect a constant speed of 20km/h, the board reliably works its way up inclines and hills.

The remote control

As is typical, all important data is reliably transmitted from the board to the driver on the remote control: charging status of the remote control and the board, the distance driven, the current speed, cruise control and so on. The remote control feels good in the hand and is very pragmatic and purposeful in design, the screen could possibly be a bit larger.

the deck

The deck of the H20 is very well designed and of high quality material. It's a drop-down deck, which means it drops down past the hitch points on the trucks to create a lower center of gravity. And that's actually achieved, you feel lower than on other boards, that helps with fast turns and also gives more confidence in the board overall.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Teamgee H20 im Review auf!

The tires

90mm 83A tires are supplied, so that a pleasant driving experience is also provided.

The tires do a good job of absorbing vibration from bumps in the road. Curves, meandering lines and fast curve entry can also be driven reliably with the large contact surface.

Furthermore, an upgrade to tires from* is possible, although Cloudwheels are actually not necessary for the pretense of dampening even more vibrations, the 90mm 83A tires do a too good job for that.

What is also striking is an incredibly small turning circle, much smaller than comparable boards like the Exway Flex.Conclusion

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Teamgee H20 im Review auf!


The Teamgee H20* is a good board for beginners and intermediates. It has pleasant driving characteristics for beginners to get used to and the necessary features for advanced users.

Especially for people who are just finding their way into the world of e-boards, the H20 is a good buy because of its great stability. So a buy recommendation from the community.

Insider tip: If you are looking for a shortboard, here is the review of the Teamgee H20 Mini, the shortboard from Teamgee.


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