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Meepo Shuffle V4

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Meepo Shuffle V4 im Review auf!

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With the Meepo V3, the manufacturer Meepo brought a longboard suitable for everyday use onto the market, particularly suitable for beginners and advanced users. You can find our review of the board here.

The new Meepo Shuffle V4* is intended to bundle the advantages of the V3s and transfer them to a board with a new look, better specifications and even more user-friendliness. You can read here on E-Skateboardsgermany whether this goal was achieved with the V4.

the deck

The basis of the new board is the 91cm long, 23cm wide deck made of Canadian maple and a layer of fiberglass. The connection makes the board flexible, vibrations such as those caused by potholes and uneven ground are well absorbed.

The deck is curved for maximum contact surface, resulting in a firm footing and a comfortable ride. The protruding, angled edges (flares) make cornering extremely easy.

The board might be a bit short at around 90cm for tall riders, but that's a personal preference. In fact, the deck is one of the smaller longboards compared to others, which should be considered when buying.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Meepo Shuffle V4 im Review auf!

The tires

Four 90mm × 62mm tires are supplied, but interestingly two of the hardness level 72A and two of the hardness class 82A. The softer tires are for the front and more grip z. B. in curves, the harder tires are for the rear and thus for less friction loss.

Whether this represents a real innovation in terms of driving experience is rather questionable, we couldn't really tell a difference to conventional four identical tires. In addition, the difference between 72A and 82A class tires is not particularly large. But it shows that Meepo is trying to differentiate itself from the competition with clever innovations.

The battery

It is a 10S2P 18650 battery with a charging capacity of 144Wh. The manufacturer specifies a range of 18km (Shuffle Standard) or 32km (Shuffle ER). In the test, we achieved a range of 15 km with the Meepo Shuffle Standard*.

To classify: We think the battery is more of a sprinter than an endurance runner. The charging time from empty to full is very short at 28 minutes, even after five minutes of charging the battery lasts a full 3 km. Accordingly, the overall range is also below average. It's a mistake and a prioritization, the buyer has to decide for himself in which form he needs the battery.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Meepo Shuffle V4 im Review auf!

The engine

Here's a plus point: The powerful dual 620 watt hub motors and thus the total output of 1240 watts. In the price range of the Meepo V4s, such a high level of power is rarely found, and if it is then in the form of an inconstant power output.

This is not the case with the Shuffle, the power comes to the tires steadily and controllably. This also enables comfortable driving at the top speed of ~44km/h. The manufacturer states 46km/h, which should definitely be possible for a light driver.

On the mountain, the board is rather weak due to its hub drive, with a gradient of around 15% no more than ~10km/h can be expected. Overall, the motorization is great in terms of performance for the price range, but the hub drive naturally has its typical disadvantages.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Meepo Shuffle V4 im Review auf!


The control is partly responsible for the constant power output. Meepo uses LY-FOC 1.0 type ESC for fast response speed and controllable driving. A very good choice for the overall price.

A cool feature is the kick-off start, which means that when you step on the board, the longboard switches on automatically and connects to the remote control. This means that annoying bending over after the power button is a thing of the past.

The remote control is of standard quality, it comes with the usual features and a large, easy-to-see display.

Elektro Longboard und elektrisches Skateboard Meepo Shuffle V4 im Review auf!


The Meepo Shuffle V4* is a good starter board. It convinces with performance and driving comfort, but at the expense of a short range. Tall people may struggle with the board's length, but it's a great choice for kids and teenagers. Especially the price makes the longboard a good birthday or Christmas present.


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