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Meepo Hurricane Ultra

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard Meepo Hurricane Ultra im Test auf!

Want even more action? With the new Meepo Hurricane Ultra, Meepoboards delivers an improved version of its flagship product, the Meepo Hurricane. Read this review to find out what has changed and whether the surcharge is worth it.


With the Meepo Hurricane Ultra, personalization is clearly in the priority. The deck in particular offers the customer a full range of options: in addition to a fiberglass/bamboo mix, you can also choose a carbon fiber version of the Hurricane.

The bamboo deck is the far softer choice. The board bends when shocked and thus dampens vibrations. With a length of 1.01m you will also find a comfortable stand on the drop-down deck. The carbon fiber deck offers a stable platform thanks to rock-hard T600 fibers - particularly advantageous for fast rides on solid ground.

With both types, the truck/wheel suspension can also be selected, and a distinction can be made between normal skateboard axles and double kingpin trucks.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard Meepo Hurricane Ultra im Test auf!


Meepo also gives you a lot of choice here: In addition to the excellent CYCLONE 165S racing tires, the slightly smaller 165x65 ZYKLON Grip tires and the 175x50 All Terrain tires are also available.

The big advantage of Cyclone tires lies in their design: the wide contact surface maximizes grip and the tire provides a great spring effect even with low tire pressure. Fast curves and slightly unpaved paths are therefore not a problem.

If you want the real off-road experience, you can use 175x50 AT tires. Together with the carbon fiber deck, a great off-roader is created for overcoming unpaved paths.


In terms of motorization, the Hurricane Ultra doesn't show any particular differences - but it doesn't have to be, because: with an insane maximum output of 7000 watts, the Hurricane is pretty much the strongest board on the market at the moment. This power is achieved with dual, belt-driven electric motors.

The insane performance is followed by the equally unbelievable top speed: the Hurricane covers a top speed of 51 km/h. Even if we have reached 51 km/h in our test, we would by no means recommend driving at these speeds. Even if the new Meepo board was designed perfectly for this kind of speed, at a speed of over 50km/h even the smallest of all mistakes leads in the worst case to big injuries. It is therefore essential to wear protective clothing!

In addition to the belt drive, Meepo also offers a revolutionary gear drive, in which instead of a belt, gear wheels are used for power transmission. The driving experience is actually unique, as there is no loss of friction due to the belt or hub drive. In conjunction with the 7000w drive, an acceleration monster is created that is truly unparalleled.


A 40T 21700 battery with 691.2Wh is installed in the Meepo Hurricane Ultra, which should ensure a range of up to 50km with AT tires and up to 70km with street tires. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve these values in our test. With a 72kg driver, we achieved a distance of approx. 38km on AT tires on a realistic ride (consisting of unpaved ground, asphalted sections of road and moderate inclines).

The big difference is probably in the way Meepo tested the board for range. The manufacturers usually ride their boards under optimal conditions to determine the maximum distance. Under real circumstances, this distance that can decrease accordingly. Nevertheless, >35km in off-road conditions is an above-average range that deserves to be appreciated.

The battery itself can be replaced, but a total of 18 (!) screws have to be removed to do this. So don't expect to be able to quickly change the battery after driving 35 kilometers and then continue driving. You can find the link to the replacement battery here.*

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard Meepo Hurricane Ultra im Test auf!


Meepoboards has been working with the Electronic Speed Controls from LingYi for a long time instead of the well-known Hobbywing ESCs, which are used e.g. by Exway or WowGo. And the new LY-FOC 70B is an excellent choice! Both acceleration and deceleration are equally intuitive and balanced. The control is responsive and does exactly what the user asks the board to do. This is particularly important at high speeds and when driving off-road.

In addition, the ESC comes with great features such as an intelligent automatic on/off function, which switches the board on automatically when you step on it. This saves you the hassle of bending over to the power button. The ESC also provides four different braking strengths, which can be switched while driving. In addition to the different braking strengths, different driving profiles are also available, which limit the power output. Similar to a beginner mode, mode 1 lowers the power output to a minimum, ideal for cruising or for beginners. The complete opposite is driving mode 4, which provides the full 7000 watts.

All in all, Meepo with the LingYi ESC is a great competitor to the Hobbywing ESC. Both controls are similarly strong in their properties, but the LY-FOC 70B is clearly tailored to the Hurricane and promotes fast driving on paved paths.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard Meepo Hurricane Ultra im Test auf!


Meepo dared far less when it came to the remote control: It is the same remote as the Meepo Shuffle S and its predecessor. The Meepo M4S remote control is small, handy and comes with a comparatively large display for reading the driving data. Meepo briefly describes how the remote control works on their website. You can find the link here.*

The advantage of an old remote control is that almost all old Meepoboards are compatible. So should the new M4S remote get damaged in the fall, all the others will work just as well as the new one. Nevertheless, a few innovations would have been welcome, especially since the Hurricane is also a completely new off-road series.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard Meepo Hurricane Ultra im Test auf!


The Meepo Hurricane Ultra doesn't really offers that much of a difference in terms of performance data, but therefore in terms of personalization. The new bamboo fiberglass deck was a popular request from the community and is now available for purchase from Meepo along with more customization options.

For whom the normal Meepo Hurricane is sufficient, you can actually save the surcharge of a few hundred euros. The board is perfect for the adrenaline and speed junkie looking for a new adventure. However, it might be too much for the average cruiser among us.


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