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WowGo AT2 Plus

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard WowGo AT2 Plus im Test auf E-Skateboardsgermany! Header

Ready for an upgrade? The bestseller WowGo AT2 gets a new facelift and new features for even more driving fun: we test whether the new WowGo AT2 Plus is something for you here in the E-Skateboardsgermany review!

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The AT2 Plus uses the same deck as its predecessor, the AT2 - just with a different design.

It is a 96.5cm long combination of fiberglass, bamboo and maple, each element brings its own specific advantages: The board is just flexible enough to cushion bumps and potholes, and at the same time rigid enough to provide a fast ride and to ensure a certain driving stability. The glass fibers in the board prevent the board from breaking under enormous loads.

The deck is slightly curved to the maximum contact surface of the feet, you have an almost rock solid stand. This is also necessary if the board is to be ridden on unstable ground. Also, it's a drop-through deck, meaning nothing more than a center-sinking deck. This lowers the center of gravity and improves cornering.

Compared to the previous model, the AT2 Plus has a much more futuristic look - with a purple rim stripe and dual taillights as standard.


WowGo offers you two purchasing options: the 175mm diameter pneumatic tires, or the 120mm cloudwheel tires. Thanks to the belt drive (more on this later), any tire variant can be selected, for example 80mm Orangatang wheels, any tires from iCloudwheels* etc. This also allows extensive personalization.

The 175mm AT tires are perfect for urban terrain - cobblestone and light gravel paths are passable without any problems. The large diameter makes it possible to climb edges, drive over large stones and also overcome potholes. However, the tires seem quite slippery on grass and similar unpaved surfaces. Compared to the tire, the Cloudwheels are more of a street version. On asphalt, the vibrations are almost absorbed, the driving experience is great. You can also make progress on light gravel, but of course the pneumatic tires are better suited there.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard WowGo AT2 Plus im Review auf! Reifen


In terms of performance, the AT2 Plus seems more like a minus, because the power is actually lower compared to the previous model: With dual 1300W Hobbywing 5330 motors, the AT2 Plus delivers a total of 400W less power on paper. But do you notice a difference? In fact, you can expect about the same top speed from the AT2 Plus as the previous model - around ~48 km/h. The braking performance of the motors also remains the same, at 30km/h the braking distance is no more than 10-15m. This is important on the road, but also when driving off-road on uneven ground.

One advantage of belt-driven engines is changing tires: it is quite easy to change the rollers, simply remove the belt and connect the tire of your choice to the appropriate pulley. You can find suitable tires on the WowGo website, the link to which can be found here,* and on the iCloudwheels website, the link to the site can be found here.* In the price range, the electric skateboard remains one of the best in terms of performance, even if it's a bit sobering that there haven't been any great innovations from WowGo.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard WowGo AT2 Plus im Review auf!  Motoren


Similar to the AT2, WowGo supplies a 10S4P 14Ah Sanyo battery with a charging time of up to 4 hours. The battery runs alongside the board, yet the deck remains flexible thanks to notches in the battery. A range of 30 km should be achievable on the AT tires, with the Cloudwheels even a range of 45 km. Depending on driving style and weight, the actually achievable distance can of course vary, but in principle 25km without any significant drop in performance is completely realistic. This means that the range at least comes close to that of the predecessor and is even slightly better.

The battery cannot be changed particularly quickly, as 12 screws have to be loosened first. This makes a quick swap on the road trip quite impractical, but WowGo still offers the replacement battery for sale on the website. A link to the battery can be found here.*

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard WowGo AT2 Plus im Review auf! Batterie

ESC/ Remote

The WowGo AT2 Plus uses the Hobbywing control. The ESC is, as you would expect, very delicate and predictable under acceleration and under braking - important for confidence in the board. We had no disconnections and had the board under control at all times.

WowGo didn't dare to do anything new with the remote control, the old WowGo AT2 remote is used again here. You will find just one button on the remote control, with which functions such as the speed modes or the direction of travel can be controlled. Nevertheless, the remote control lies well in the hand and serves its purpose.

Elektrisches Skateboard und Elektro Longboard WowGo AT2 Plus im Review auf! Fernbedienung


With regard to the predecessor, not much has actually changed - with the exception of the appearance. That doesn't have to be a bad thing though, especially as the AT2 was already one of the best boards in its price range. The standard taillights and the futuristic look make the AT2 Plus quite unique, which makes it worth buying again.

With the discount code: "germany" you save 3% on your entire shopping cart!


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