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Ratgeber Elektro Skateboard Kit

Would you like to assemble your own electric skateboard and are you looking for the necessary tips? In our guide you will find everything you need to know about electric skateboard kits and kits for e-skateboards.

1. What parts do I need?

Basically, the structure of a skateboard is easy to understand and always consists of the same three parts: A deck for standing and steering, a set of skateboard wheels - which can differ greatly in composition and properties - and two wheel suspensions, so-called trucks, which carry the wheels with connect to the deck.

Electric skateboards have three additional components: a battery to store energy, an ESC (Electronic Speed Control) to control the power output and an electric motor to accelerate and brake. In the following we will go into more detail about the individual parts:


The deck is the direct link between you and the board. There are different types of skateboard decks that differ fundamentally in terms of handling. Among other things, there are drop-down decks that lower the driver's center of gravity by bending to the driving surface and thus improve cornering behavior and stability. There are also decks with so-called flares, which also simplify steering and reduce the turning circle. Find longboard decks on sale here.*

The skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels are the only component on a skateboard that actually touches the ground. They ensure traction and at best prevent the board from slipping away. In addition to the normal road tires, there is a whole range of off-road tires to make progress on different surfaces. You can find a selection here:*


The wheel suspension is an important component on a skateboard: it has a significant influence on steering behavior and driving stability. If the trucks are adjusted too loosely, so-called "speed woobles" can occur - the board rocks at high speeds, which in most cases leads to dangerous accidents. Depending on the type of drive of the electric skateboard, a certain wheel suspension must be used here, more on that later.


With the battery you store the energy for your board. Depending on how much charge your battery can hold, you can expect a longer or shorter range. In fact, the battery can be the most expensive part of the entire e-board. Normal battery packs, such as those used in RC toys, can be used. A link to the proven WowGo battery can be found here.* With the code "germany" you also save 5€!*

Elektro Skateboard Kit Elektro Skateboard Bausatz Batterie


The Electronic Speed Control serves as a control element for power output. The ESC is in lively exchange with the remote control and works according to user input. Especially when building your own, special attention should be paid to the electronic control element. Click here for the best choice.*

Power unit

In the world of electric skateboards, there are two distinct types of drives: hub-driven and belt-driven boards. With the hub drive, the motor is in the actual tire, with the belt-driven skateboard, an external motor is used, which is connected to a toothed belt. The latter type of drive usually has better performance compared to the hub drive.

Is there an easier way? Electric Skateboard Kits!

With kits for electric skateboards you can save several steps when building your own e-board. In most cases, the kits offer the assembled ESCs and wheel suspensions with integrated electric motors, so that the complicated electronics part is already taken care of during assembly. Most manufacturers offer such bundle packages, you can find a selection here.*

2. Building an electric skateboard

As soon as all the necessary parts are available, the actual construction can begin. It is important to identify and rectify possible material damage during assembly and to minimize disruptive factors such as friction or wear. Here's a little guide:

Prepare the deck

As already described, the deck forms the intermediate piece between the driver and the e-board. Drill enough holes for the trucks, ESC and battery mounts. In addition, now is the best time for customization, that is: paint - decorate - decorate as you like it.

Assemble the prepared axles

With prepared electric skateboard kits, you now have an easy game: mount and tighten the trucks to the level you want. Also think about how you want to route the cables from the motor to the ESC. Ideally, obstacles such as stones or uneven ground have no chance of affecting the electronics.

Mount and connect the ESC and battery

Attention: Never connect the battery first and then the ESC. You should first bolt the ESC to the deck, route the electronics to the motor, and then proceed with a test. The cables to the ESC should also be checked again: Do you see any "kinks" or damaged insulation? All this could lead to a cable break at a later date.

The first test drive

Caution: Many ESCs require a training phase before the first ride, where acceleration and braking are calibrated. You should do this before your first ride, otherwise it can quickly become uncomfortable.

During the first ride you should get a feel for the board. It's similar to buying a pre-built electric skateboard: learn the steering, tighten the suspension if necessary, and test the brakes. Only then can you venture out at higher speeds without having to expect falls or accidents.

You can find more tips in our forum or here in the comments section. Do you already have experience with a self-made electric skateboard? Feel free to write your hints in the comments.


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